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DreamSpark Premium

Faculty of Engineering and EECS professors and Faculty of Engineering and EECS students or students registered in a course of the Faculty of Engineering and of EECS have the opportunity to download Microsoft development software such as Visual Studio .NET, Visio and a whole lot more.

The software is free and can be downloaded here: DreamSpark Premium

Authorization is granted based on registar information.

DreamSpark Premium authenticates users by their Faculty of Engineering and EECS credentials. Hence your Engineering/EECS account must have been initialized before you can access to the DreamSpark Premium site.

E.g. if you cannot login to the computers in the open labs, teaching labs or instrumentation labs of the Faculty of Engineering and EECS then you will NOT be able to login either to the DreamSpark Premium website.

You can initialize your account (and set your password) by going through the Autopass procedure:


To login into the DreamSpark Premium website, use your username (in lowercase letters) and the password set with Autopass.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The downloader file does not run, what do I do?

  • When selecting the software you want and start downloading it, you will get a downloader file. This is a small executable file (~400 Kb). If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer the .exe file name extension can get deleted and prevents you from launching that file. You simply need to rename the file with the .exe extension to solve the problem. Then you can run this executable which authenticates you to our server and downloads the software package.

  • The software package is an ISO file, how do I install the software from it?

  • Many software packages are bundled in a large ISO file, which is a CD/DVD image. This is similar to a ZIP file. There are 2 ways you can install the software from an ISO file.

    1. Burning the ISO image on a CD/DVD
    You can burn the ISO file on a CD/DVD by using a CD/DVD burning tool like Nero. When you burn your CD remember that you're dealing with a bootable ISO image. Rather than just burning a copy of this file onto a CD (which won't boot properly in the next step), you'll want to instruct your CD burner to recognize the ISO and burn a disk image.

    2. Extracting the content of the ISO image
    Using an ISO extracting tool like ISOBuster (can be found free on the web) you can extract the content of the ISO file to your desired location and you will have access to the setup.exe to install the software.

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