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From:     melis+@CS.CMU.EDU (Erica Melis)
Subject:  CFP: 18th German Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Date:     Tue, 11 Jan 1994 22:36:05 GMT

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		====	KI-94 	 ====
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18th German Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence

	Saarbr"ucken, September, 18-23, 1994

General Chairs: J"org Siekmann, DFKI, Univ. Saarbr"ucken
		Hans-J"urgen B"urckert, DFKI Saarbr"ucken

The scientific, as well as the economic importance of
Artificial Intelligence research has steadily
grown, even though in some degree, partly slower than
had been hoped for. AI research in Germany had a
belated start, but steadily improved in recent years. Today
the field is well established and some areas even play an
outstanding role internationally. This positive
development is accounted for in the forthcoming German
Conference on AI, which is especially broadly based,
aiming at researchers, university students, users and
practitioners in industry alike.

The German Conference on Artificial Intelligence is
traditionally organised once a year by the AI-section of the
German Society for Computer Science (GI). This is one of
the four subdivisions of the GI and today the AI section has
more than four thousand members. In 1994, the conference will
be carried out at the University of Saarland in Saarbr"ucken
by the German Research Center of AI (DFKI), the Computer
Science Department (FBI), the Institute of Computer
Linguistics (CoLi) and the Max Planck Institute for
Computer Science (MPI). It comprises a Scientific
Conference, from the 18th to 22nd of September 1994,
and an Industrial Congress on the 22nd and 23rd of
September 1994. Tutorials will be offered on Sunday the
18th, scientific talks form Tuesday to Thursday in the
morning and workshops in the afternoon.

On Monday a symposium will be held, covering a selected
topic, the "International Symposium on Logics in Artificial
Intelligence", chaired by Dov Gabbay (Imperial College
London) and J"org Siekmann (DFKI, University of Saarland).
Invited speakers will give lectures on current issues
pertaining to this context. This is prompted by the
publication of the multivolume "Handbook of Logics in
Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming".

The Industrial Congress offers a multifaceted programme
which demonstrates how AI is put into industrial practice:
talks on areas of applications of AI, consulting service
offers from the German AI-Institutes' association (AKI) and
an AI Exhibition.

Contributions to the Scientific Conference and the
Industrial Congress will be published in a set of Springer-
Verlag conference publications. KI-94 will be supported
by an advisory board consisting of the previous and future
chair persons, as well as representatives from Industry
and University.

Local Arrangement Committee
Susanne Biundo, DFKI (chair)
Michael Kohlhase, FBI
Brigitte Krenn, CoLi
Christoph Weidenbach, MPI

Conference Office
Coordinator: Reinhard Karger
DFKI Saarbr"ucken
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 Saarbr"ucken
Phone +49 681 302-4444, Fax  +49 681 302-5341

Further information about the KI-94 can be obtained
from the conference office.


===  KI-94 Scientific Conference  ===

Chairs: Leonie Dreschler-Fischer, Universit"at Hamburg
	Bernhard Nebel, Universit"at Ulm

The scientific programme consists of invited talks, reviewed
paper presentations, tutorials, workshops, poster
sessions and system demonstrations. Conference
languages are German and English, (simultaneous
translation is not available.)

Contributions from all aspects of AI are welcome,
especially those (but not exclusively) which address the

 -  knowledge representation
 -  knowledge acquisition
 -  deduction, inference systems, logic programming
 -  machine learning
 -  cognition
 -  architectures, methods, tools
 -  natural language processing
 -  robotics
 -  image processing and image understanding
 -  intelligent interfaces
 -  diagnosis
 -  planning
 -  configuration
 -  qualitative reasoning
 -  neural networks and connectionism
 -  social impacts

Papers are also welcome, which investigate the principles
and problems involved when AI is put into practice.
Contributions though, which describe commercial AI
applications should be submitted to the Industrial

Submissions to the scientific program must be original,
neither, published or accepted for publication elsewhere,
nor currently going through a review process at another
conference (with exception of specialised workshops).
Accepted submissions will appear in the Springer
"Lecture Notes in AI" and therefore must be written in

Posters and System Demos at the Scientific Conference
Research groups and scientists will be given the
opportunity through posters and system demos to
present current AI-projects and AI-systems. These
contributions will be reviewed by the program committee
as well, and will appear along with the papers in the LNAI.

Submission Details for the Scientific Conference
Papers and proposals for posters should be sent in six (6)
copies to one of the two program chairs (s.f.) till April
8th, 1994. Papers received after that date cannot be
considered. Fax or e-mail submissions are also

The papers should be clearly legible and written in 12
point type. The length of a paper should not exceed 16
pages with roughly 38 lines/page and 75 characters per
line (corresponding to the standard LaTex article-style),
including bibliography and appendix. The title page is

Proposals for posters and system demos require the
submision of a one- to three-page summary of the
presentation (adding diagramms if necessary).

The title page should show the title of the contribution,
the catagory (paper, poster or system demo), the names
of all authors with postal and e-mail addresses. In addition,
the title page should contain an abstract, of not more than
200 words, supplemented by keywords which
characterise the contribution's content.

In order to facilitate the review process, the contents of
the title page should be sent till April 8th via e-mail to

using only plain ASCII text. The order of content in this
message should be

AUTHOR:<name of first author>
ADDRESS:<address of first author>
AUTHOR:<second author>

Review Process
All submitted papers, proposals for posters and system
demos will be reviewed by at least two members of the
program committee.

The main criteria underlying the judgment of papers are
the achieved results, originality, technical quality and
presentation. Proposals for posters and system demos
are judged against their AI-context and quality of
presentation. The authors will be informed of the program
committee's decision by May 20th.

Accepted papers will be allocated 12 pages in the
conference proceedings , which will be published in the
Springer LNAI series. Each accepted poster and system
demo will have one page reserved in the conference
proceedings for a summary of its presentation. A camera-
ready copy must be submitted to one of the program
chairs by June 17th, 1994.

8/4/94	Submission of contributions
20/5/94	Notification of acceptance
17/6/94	Submission of final, revised copy

Program Committee of the Scientific Conference
Wolfgang Benn, TU Chemnitz-Zwickau
Wolfgang Bibel, TH Darmstadt
Susanne Biundo, DFKI Saarbr"ucken
Lena Bonsiepen, Universit"at Bremen
Gerhard Brewka, GMD, St. Augustin
Hans-Dieter Burkhard, HU Berlin
Hartmut D"orner, MLU Halle
Leonie Dreschler-Fischer, Universit"at Hamburg
Wolfgang F"orstner, Universit"at Bonn
G"unther G"orz, Universit"at Erlangen
Georg Gottlob, TU Wien
Klaus Jantke, HTWK Leipzig
Hans Kamp, Universit"at Stuttgart
Olaf K"ubler, ETH Zentrum, Z"urich
Barbara Mertsching, Universit"at Paderborn
Katharina Morik, Universit"at Dortmund
Bernhard Nebel, Universit"at Ulm
Wolfgang Nejdl, RWTH Aachen
Klaus Noekel, Siemens, M"unchen
Hans-Joachim Novak, IBM, B"oblingen
Simone Pribbenow, Universit"at Hamburg
Bernd Radig, TU M"unchen
Ulrich Rembold, Universit"at Karlsruhe
Michael M. Richter, Universit"at Kaiserslautern
Helge Ritter, Universit"at Bielefeld
Dietmar Roesner, FAW, Ulm
Angi Voss, GMD, St. Augustin

Addresses for Submission of Contributions
Prof. Dr. Leoni Dreschler-Fischer
Universit"at Hamburg
FB Informatik
Bodenstedtstrasse 16
D-22765 Hamburg
Phone: + 49 40 4123-6132 (-6128)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel
Universit"at Ulm
Fakult"at f"ur Informatik
D-89081 Ulm
Phone: +49 731 502-4122 (-4121)


	===  KI-94 Workshops  ===

Chairs: J"urgen Kunze, HU Berlin
	Herbert Stoyan, Universit"at Erlangen

The Workshops take place in the afternoon on
September 20th and 22th. A workshop should discuss
current problems in applications of AI and basic research.
Its participants will be working on these problems and will
share a common interest in an interchange with equally
inclined persons or those active in similar areas. However,
this should not entail lengthy papers. Problems should
be well focused; extensive topics are not suitable. All
users, researchers and producers in the field of AI who
are interested in an intensive discussion should submit
an appropriate proposal.

Submission of Workshop Proposals
A group of 25 active participants is envisaged. The
Workshops should be made, if possible, accessible to
other conference attendees. The workshop organisers
will decide for themselves the conditions for attendance
and possible papers, which are required. Ample time
should be set out for general discussion. The total
duration of such a workshop will cover two to three
afternoons (4 hour tracks each). The "Extended
Abstracts" of the workshop contributions will be
published in a second volume, the general workshop

Proposals for Workshops, of about two pages in length,
should contain:

 -  Workshop topic. This can be subdivided concisely into
    specific problems.
 -  Name of the workshop.
 -  A brief explanation why the workshop is of particular
    interest at this time.
 -  The names and addresses of the organising committee.
    The three to four members should be knowledgeable
    in their fields, preferably bringing in a differing of
    perspectives to the workshop topic. This should be
    reflected in the proposal.
 -  An indication of likely schedule and time involved and if
    possible a list of likely attendees.

Workshop proposals will gain merit, which tackle
controversial issues, which speed scientific advances and
support the formation and testing of theoretical results
and their transfer into practical applications.

The workshop proposals must be submitted as soon as
possible, at the latest by December 3rd,1993. Organisers
will produce a call for workshop participation and submit
this by January 14th, 1993. This call will be released in the
first edition of the 1994 German AI-journal. Further
distribution of this call lies in the organisers' hands.

Workshop Participants
Organisers decide workshop attendance on the basis of
submissions and required contributions, which they must
receive by May 1st, 1994. Attendees must be notified by
May 15th, 1994. A one to two page document containing
an attendance list, the programme and a brief description
of the workshop must be sent till May 1st, 1994 to one of
the workshop coordinators (s.f.). The contents will be
published in a special edition of the German AI-journal.

Publication of Workshop Contributions
Abstracts of all Workshop contributions will appear in a
seperate workshop volume which, along with the other
conference proceeding's volumes, will be handed out to
each participant. The abstracts will amount to two pages in
length (including title, authors and bibliography) using 12
point type, and each page having roughly 38 lines with 75
characters per line. The revised copies of the workshop
papers must be collected by the respective organisers till
June 1st, 1994, be supplemented by an opening
summary (similar in length to the workshop papers) and
forwarded to Herbert Stoyan (s.f.) by June 17th, 1994.

Workshop Scheduling
All workshop participants must register for the KI-94. The
local arrangement committee will provide venues, govern
the organisation and coordinate the workshop curriculum.
The workshop coordinators reserve the right to drop
workshops that fail to organise within the set bounds.
Workshops shall not be used as a forum for marketing
hard- and software products.

3/12/93	Submission of Workshop proposals
17/12/93 Notification of acceptance
14/1/94	Submission of call for active participation

1/5/94	Submission of workshop contributions
15/5/94	Notification of acceptance
1/6/94	Submission of final, revised version of abstract
17/6/94	Forwarding of abstracts to the workshop

Please send your workshop proposal (inquiries
concerning the workshops, as well) to

Prof. Dr. Herbert Stoyan
Universit"at Erlangen-N"urnberg
Weichselgarten 9
D-91058 Erlangen


	===  KI-94 Student Programme  ===

Chairs:	Arthur Sehn, Universit"at Saarbr"ucken
	Serge Autexier, Universit"at Saarbr"ucken

The aim of the student programme is to give students
(pre- Masters) the opportunity to present their own work
(Submission follows a seperate workshop-programme
call) and discuss with fellow students problems related to
their studies and further eduction.

Two copies of their work should be sent till May 1st, 1994
to the organisers c/o the conference office. Contributions
received after this date or ones sent by e-mail or Fax will
be ignored. The papers written in 12 point type may not
exceed a length of 20 pages of roughly 38 lines/page
and 75 characters per line. The accepted papers will be
compiled hectographically in a volume and made available
for the congress.

1/5/94	Submission of papers
15/5/94	Notification of acceptance
1/6/94	Submission of the final revised version of the

A. Sehn, S. Autexier
c/o Tagungsb"uro KI-94
DFKI Saarbr"ucken
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 Saarbr"ucken


	===  KI-94 Industrial Congress  ===

Chairs:	Bernd Neumann, LKI, Universit"at Hamburg
	Gerhard Barth, Daimler Benz AG

The industrial congress takes place on the 22nd and 23rd
of September 1994. The aim of the congress is to
stimulate the exchange of information between AI-
researchers and AI-users and to support the transfer
of research results to practical and economical

The congress programme comprises invited talks,
reviewed contributions from the whole AI user-spektrum,
posters, system demonstrations and an exhibition as well
as consulting services from renowned AI-Institutes.

Submission of Papers to the Industrial Congress
Papers are being called for from all areas of
AI-Application, especially those within

 -  industrial production
 -  sales and marketing
 -  disposition and planning
 -  banking and finance
 -  insurance
 -  transport
 -  medicine
 -  office
 -  communication
 -  AI-software
 -  environment

Papers should report application oriented research in
AI, new and  innovative AI applications or should report
about experience with AI-applications. They will be
disregarded, if previously published elsewhere. They
should not exceed a length of 6000 words (about 15
pages including figures). Papers submitted will be
reviewed by a program committee which will take into
account possible interest of these results for the
congress attendees as well as the papers contribution to
the development of economically successful AI-
appplications. Accepted papers will be presented to the
Industrial Congress and will appear in a special
representative volume of the proceedings published by
Springer. It will be distributed along with the other
volumes, in a slipcase, to the conference attendees.

Programme Committee of the Industrial Congress
Gerhard Barth, Daimler Benz, Ulm
Hans Werner Fr"uchtenicht, IITB, Karlsruhe
Wolfgang Herden, Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart
Axel Hirsch, UCI, Frankfurt
Gerhard Klett, BASF, Ludwigshafen
Jan Lunze, TU Hamburg-Harburg
Heinz Marburger, MAZ GmbH, Hamburg
Wolfgang Merker, Daimler Benz, Berlin
Peter Mertens, FORWISS, Erlangen
Bernd Neumann, Universit"at Hamburg
Peter Struss, TU M"unchen
Claus Weisang, ABB, Heidelberg

Poster and System Demos at the Industrial Congress
User congress participants will be given the opportunity
to present posters and demos of applications. Exhibition
floors are provided for in the central area of the congress

8/4/94	Submission
20/5/94	Notification of acceptance
17/6/94	Submission of final manuscript

19/8/94	Registering of posters and demonstrations
31/8/94	Notification of acceptance

Address for Papers, Posters and Demos
Prof. Dr. Bernd Neumann
Labor f"ur K"unstliche Intelligenz
Bodenstedtstr. 16
D-22765 Hamburg

Registration of Consulting Appointments
The AKI Consortium (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der
deutschen KI- Institute) offers industrial consulting as an
incorporated feature of the Industrial Congress. This will
allow interested persons from industry to discuss
application problems in a meeting lasting up to an hour
with competent and skilled experts. It is requested that
consulting appointments be made in time, with one of the
consulting partners below.

Consulting Partners
 -  DFKI, Kaiserslautern and Saarbr"ucken
    Coordinator: Dr. Walter Olthoff
    Phone +49 631 205 3478, Fax  +49 631 205 3210
 -  FAW, Ulm
    Coordinator: Thomas Egner
    Phone +49 731 501 555, Fax +49 731 501 999
 -  FORWISS, Erlangen - M"unchen - Passau
    Coordinator: Dr. Uwe Haass
    Phone +49 9131 691 191, Fax +49 9131 691 185
 -  GMD, St. Augustin
    Coordinator: Eva Huttenhain
    Phone +49 2241 14 2032, Fax +49 2241 14 2084
 -  KI-NRW, Universit"at Bonn
    Coordinator: Dr. Wolfram Burgard
    Phone +49 228 550 221, Fax +49 228 550 382
 -  LKI, Universit"at Hamburg
    Coordinator: Dr. Gudula Retz-Schmidt
    Phone +49 40 4123 6532, Fax +49 40 4123 6530

AI-suppliers are called to take part in the Industrial
Exhibition. All AI related exhibits are welcome, especially
commercial AI-software, application systems reflecting AI-
aspects, AI-literature etc. Exhibition space is provided for
in the central area of the congress building and can be
reserved by an additional attendance fee; registration and
further information through the conference office.

Please send the following form (via mail, fax, or e-mail) to the
conference office. We will send you by June 1994 additional info
material and registration forms.

 ------------cut here---------------------------

KI-94 Conference Office
c/o Reinhard Karger
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 Saarbr"ucken

Fax: +49 681 302-5341


I plan to submit a paper
	to the Scientific Conference	YES/NO
	to some workshop		YES/NO
	to the Industrial Congress	YES/NO

I plan to attend the whole conference	YES/NO
	only the Scientific Conference	YES/NO
	only the Industrial Congress	YES/NO