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From: (Arthur Secret)
Subject:  First International Conference on the World-Wide Web
Date:     Tue, 11 Jan 1994 22:35:09 GMT

This is to announce the

   First International Conference on the World-Wide Web

                   May 25-26-27, 1994
                      CERN, Geneva

The World-Wide Web is currently the most interesting and powerful
information system on the Internet. It combines the ease of use of
hypertext graphic user interfaces with the large sets of information
on the Internet available through its native protocol as well as many
other protocols (Gopher, ftp, nntp, ...)

The Conference will include tutorials, topical workshops, panels,
presentations of formal papers on WWW technology and theory,
user and provider experiences, and a series of special sessions for
delegates from business and non-academic organisations.

This Conference will be prepared entirely through the World-Wide Web itself.
For all information details:

(A) If you DO know about the World-Wide Web, see electronic access

(B) If you do NOT know about the World-Wide Web, contact the

                          c/o Anne Perrelle
                         CH - 1211 Geneva 23

                         Telephone: +41 22 767 2406
                         Fax:       +41 22 767 8730

    We suggest that you get help from a system manager to install a
    WWW client for you. You can also try the telnet access described
    below and use the help (just type h and return once you are

Electronic Access:

-- If you have a WWW client (browser) on your machine, look at the
   document with URL:

-- If you do not have a WWW client available, you can telnet to (no user and no password) where you will
   find a reference to the conference information.

Please be aware of the fact that most information about the conference
which is in the Web is subject to changes at this moment,
and is not yet complete.

You can submit proposals for topics to be discussed at the Conference,
as well as abstracts and papers. Please follow the suggestions given
in the Web documents.

       Robert Cailliau       | e-mail:
   World-Wide Web Project    | telephone: +41 22 767 5005
          CERN               | fax:       +41 22 767 8730
     CH - 1211 Geneva 23     |