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From: (bertossi)
Subject:  CFP: XIV International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society
Date:     Mon, 24 Jan 1994 20:26:56 GMT

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

 The  XIV  International Conference of  the Chilean Computer  Science Society
 (SCCC Conference), will be held  in  Concepcion,  CHILE, from October  31 to
 November 4, 1994.
 Papers presenting  original research in  Computer Science are  being sought.
 Typical, but not exclusive, topics include:

      o  Algorithms                      o  Data Structures
      o  Artificial Intelligence         o  Distributed Systems
      o  Computer Algebra                o  Human-Computer Interaction
      o  Computer Architecture           o  Office Automation
      o  Computer Graphics               o  Operating Systems
      o  Databases                       o  Performance Evaluation
      o  Data Communications             o  Programming Languages
      o  Data Security and Cryptography  o  Software Engineering

 Program committee (partial list):

 Daniel Berry (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
 Francisco Cantu (I. Tecn. Monterrey, Mexico)
 Claude Crepeau (ENS, France)
 John Darlington (Imperial College, UK)
 George Davida (Univ. of Wisconsin, USA)
 Carlos Delgado (U. Politecnica Madrid, Spain)
 George Gottlob (U. Tecnica Viena, Austria)
 Pedro Hepp (UFRO, Chile)
 Ernst Leiss (University of Houston, USA)
 Arjen Lenstra (Bellcore, USA)
 Claudia Medeiros (UNICAMP, Brasil)
 Jaime Moreno (IBM Watson, USA)
 Miguel Nussbaum (P. Univ. Catolica, Chile)
 Eiji Okamoto (JAIST, Japan)
 Rene Peralta (Chair, Univ. of Winconsin, USA)
 Jose Miguel Piquer (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
 Steve Rudich (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
 Richard Scherl (Univ. of Toronto, Canada)

 Paper submission : Five copies of an extended abstract written in English, of
 at most ten typed pages, including e-mail address and/or a fax number, should
 be sent before May 16th, 1994, to the program committee chair :

    Dr.  Rene Peralta                      E-mail:
    Elec. Engr. & Computer Science Dept.
    University of Wisconsin
    P.O. Box 784
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

 Fax or e-mail (Standard postscript) submissions may be considered in special
 Authors will  be  notified of  acceptance or  rejection by  July 15th, 1994.
 The full versions of  the accepted papers (camera-ready) must  be written in
 English,  and   will  be  due  by  August 15th,   1994.     The  proceedings
 conference will be  published by an  international publisher as in  the last
 three years.
 Additional  information  can  be  obtained from the Chair  of the Organizing

    Carlos Isaac                           Phone:  +56 2 552-2375
    Depto.  Ciencia de la Computacion      E-mail:
    Pont. Universidad Catolica de Chile    FAX : +56 2  552-4054
    Casilla 306, Santiago 22

 Note: Concepcion is 500 Kms. south of Santiago.