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From:     srimani@CS.ColoState.EDU (Pradip Srimani)
Subject:  CFP: JCSE Special Issue on Parallel Algorithms & Architectures
Date:     Mon, 24 Jan 1994 20:36:30 GMT

                         * CALL FOR PAPERS *

              (Tentative Publication Date: January 1995)

Due to fundamental physical limitations on processing speeds of
sequential computers, the future-generation high performance
computing environment will eventually rely entirely on exploiting
the inherent parallelism in problems and implementing their
solutions on realistic parallel machines.  Just as the processing
speeds of chips are approaching their physical limits, the need
for faster computations is increasing at an even faster rate.
For example, ten years ago there was virtually no general-purpose
parallel computer available commercially. Now there are several
machines, some of which have received wide acceptance due to
reasonable cost and attractive performance. The purpose of this
special issue is to focus on the desgin and analysis of efficient
parallel algorithms and their performance on different parallel
architectures. We expect to have a good blend of theory and practice.
In addition to theoretical papers on parallel algorithms, case studies
and experience reports on applications of these algorithms in real-life
problems are especially welcome. Example topics include, but are not
limited to, the following:

 o  Parallel Algorithms and Applications.
 o  Machine Models and Architectures.
 o  Communication, Synchronization and Scheduling.
 o  Mapping Algorithms on Architectures.
 o  Performance Evaluation of Multiprocessor Systems.
 o  Parallel Data Structures.
 o  Parallel Programming and Software Tools.

Please submit SEVEN copies of your manuscript to either of the        *
Guest Editors by May  1, 1994:                                        *
Professor Sajal K. Das           ||  Professor Pradip K. Srimani      *
Department of Computer Science   ||  Department of Computer Science   *
University of North Texas        ||  Colorado State University        *
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Email:            ||  Email: srimani@CS.ColoState.Edu  *


Papers should be 20--30 double spaced pages including figures, tables
and references. Papers should not have been previously published, nor
currently submitted elsewhere for publication. Papers should include a
title page containing title, authors' names and affiliations, postal and
e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and Fax numbers. Papers should
include a 300-word abstract.

If you are willing to referee papers for this special issue, please send
a note with research interest to either of the guest editors.
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