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From: (Dieter Fensel)
Subject:  CFP: ECAI-94 Workshop: Formal Specification Methods for Knowledge-Based Systems
Date:     Fri, 4 Feb 1994 19:17:27 GMT

	Formal Specification Methods for Knowledge-Based Systems

			August 8, 1994


Formal specification languages have become an important research topic
in the development of knowledge-based systems. This workshop focuses
on the formal semantics of the specification languages. It aims at a
better understanding of the various types of semantics for these
languages, within the context of their use as a tool for development
of knowledge based systems. Specific technical areas include:

o	denotational and operational semantics and their relationships
o	integration of compotational semantics and global semantics
o	semantics of static knowledge and procedural behaviour
o	tools for development of formal specifications
o	axiomatization and proof theories
o	validation and verification of formal specifications
o	verification of a system with respect to a formal specification
o	test generation, simulation, prototyping, symbolic execution etc.

A specific aim of this workshop is to compare the work done by the
knowledge engineering community with results achieved by other communities.
We explicitly ask people from knowledge representation, software
engineering, information systems and deductive data bases to join this

Format and Kind of Contributions

Contributions are invited that present original, unpublished results in
the area of formal specification methods for knowledge based systems.
Submitted papers must not exceed 15 pages of single spaced, 11 pt. text,
including abstract and bibliography. Theoretical and position papers will be
judged on their originality and contribution to the field, and applied papers
on the importance and originality of the application. The workshop
organisers aim for publication of a book containing all accepted papers.

Time Table

Papers must be received by the workshop organisers no later than April 25,
1994. Acceptance letter will be posted no later than May 23, 1994. Final
camera-ready versions of the paper must be received by June 10, 1994. The
workshop will take place at August 8, 1994.

Contact address of workshop organisers

		Dieter Fensel
		Institut AIFB, University of Karlsruhe
		76128 Karlsruhe, Germany
		phone: +49-721-6084754, fax: +49-721-693717

Organisation committee

		Manfred Aben, The Netherlands
		Dieter Fensel, Germany
		Frank van Harmelen, The Netherlands
		Mark Willems, The Netherlands

Programm committee

Manfred Aben		University of Amsterdam		The Netherlands
Hans Akkermans		University of Twente		The Netherlands
Ernst-Erich Doberkat	University of Dortmund		Germany
Dieter Fensel		University of Karlsruhe		Germany
Fausto Giunchiglia	IRST Trento			Italy
Frank van Harmelen	University of Amsterdam		The Netherlands
Georg Lausen		University of Mannheim		Germany
Pedro Meseguer		Univ. Polit. de Catalunya	Spain
Andreas Oberweis	University of Karlsruhe		Germany
Nigel Shadbolt		University Park Nottingham	United Kingdom
Rudi Studer		University of Karlsruhe		Germany
Jan Treur		Vrije University of Amsterdam	The Netherlands
Hans Voss		GMD Bonn			Germany
Thomas Wetter		IBM Heidelberg			Germany
Bob Wielinga		University of Amsterdam		The Netherlands
Mark Willems		Vrije University of Amsterdam	The Netherlands