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From: (Pieter H. Hartel)
Subject:  CFP (3rd): Special issue JFP applications of functional languages
Date:     Fri, 4 Feb 1994 19:36:49 GMT

      Journal of Functional Programming - call for Papers
         Special issue on state-of-the-art applications
            of pure functional programming languages

A special issue of the Journal of Functional Programming will be
devoted to presenting state-of-the-art applications of pure functional
languages. The submission deadline is June 30, 1994.

The special issue will consist of a number of papers describing real
applications implemented purely functionally. These applications can be
made by non-expert and expert functional programmers alike. Each paper
describes the lessons learned whilst writing the application. This
should include the whole trajectory: design, implementation,
performance, and use.

Applications may be written in any purely-functional language, such as
Haskell or Sisal, or in the functional subset of languages which
support side effects, such as Lisp, Standard ML, or Id. (There is an
interesting question as to what extent impure effects are helpful in
functional programs, but this special issue will concentrate instead on
the interesting question of how far one can get in the pure world
alone.)  Authors should assume familiarity with the language they use,
except perhaps for esoteric features.

Particularly welcome are applications that clearly demonstrate the
advantages and disadvantages of lazy or non-strict functional
programming, by discussing the effects this has on expressiveness and

It is strongly encouraged to make the application and the input and
output data sets available via anonymous ftp, so that programs can be
used for benchmarking purposes by others. A few realistic input data
sets and the corresponding outputs should be supplied with each

Submission by Email of postscript is encouraged, but hard copies are
also welcome. All submissions for the special issue on applications
should be sent to one of the guest editors, see addresses below.
Submissions should arrive by June 30 1994. For other submission
details please consult an issue of the Journal of Functional

Guest Editors
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