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From: (Radboud Winkels)
Subject:  CFP: ECAI Workshop on Artificial Normative Reasoning
Date:     Tue, 15 Feb 1994 22:59:32 GMT

               Call for Papers


    Amsterdam, Monday, 8 August 1994
    (The workshop will be held as part of the 11th  European Conference
    on Artificial Intelligence, 8 - 12 August)

Key-words: (Para)Legal Reasoning, deontic logic/operators,
	   assessment problems, representation of regulations

Artificial Normative Reasoning (ANR) is a field of AI research that is
concerned with reasoning in normative domains. These domains are governed by
implicit or explicit regulations. Typical examples are legal domains (``AI
& Law''), but also paralegal and other normative domains such as
administrative ones (e.g. loans assessment, insurance
claims, certification).
ANR research has roots in, and ramifications to
theoretical issues in AI, in particular with the epistemological and
logical foundations of representing normative and common sense knowledge,
case based reasoning and problem solving methods for assessment tasks. ANR
is also an important field of application, in particular as part of the
intelligent automisation of administrative institutes such as banks, civil
services, government, etc. (Para-) Legal knowledge based systems
cover a suffiently large market to warrant the (re)use of specialised
knowledge acquisition methodologies and tools, and the development of
articulate and dedicated system architectures.

It is the objective of the Workshop to bring together both theoretical and
applied perspectives, focussing on representation formalisms, modelling of
normative knowledge, and reasoning methods. Papers are sollicited addressing
these issues, and containing theoretical argument and demonstration, and/or
empirical generalization.


Because the informal exchange of ideas is emphasized participation of
the workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.


Papers should be sent for refereeing to the coordinator (Joost Breuker)
either in hardcopy (4 copies), or in electronic form via email (ascii,
preferrably Latex), not exceeding 5000 words (see Schedule below).
Electronically submitted papers should expect confirmation of receipt
within 24 hours.
Papers will be refereed by at least three members of the Committee.
All accepted papers will be published as ECAI Workshop Notes and made
available to the participants. A subset of these papers will be
selected for publication in a book on Normative Reasoning.*


Authors of accepted papers are also requested to provide between two to
five statements (``theses'') on current research in ANR, preferrably
based upon, or as conclusions of their paper contribution. These theses
will be grouped around topics which will be discussed at the Workshop.


The Workshop itself will not consist of full paper presentations, but of
short invited introductions on actual research topics. These topics will be
based upon the Statements which participants of the Workshop should send in
at least six weeks before the Workshop.

All participants of the Workshop will be able to obtain an electronic
version of the Proceedings and Statements at least four weeks before the
ECAI via ftp, restricted to participants of the Workshop, or via email.

Schedule (1994)

 1 May:     deadline for paper submission (electronic or hardcopy)
23 May:     notification of acceptance
13 June:    deadline for camery ready version accepted papers
20 June:    deadline for statements
 1 August   deadline selected papers for book
 1 August   Proceedings available
 8 August   Workshop


For Information and Submission of papers:

	Joost Breuker, coordinator ECAI-94 WS on Artificial Normative
	Dep. of AI & Law,
	University of Amsterdam
	Kloveniersburgwal 72
	1012 CZ Amsterdam
	The Netherlands

	tel: (+31) 20 5253494
	fax: (+31) 20 5253495

Other members  of the Organization Committee:

    Trevor Bench-Capon
        University of Liverpool
	Fax: +44 51 7943759 (3715)
	Tel: +44 51 7946923 (2000)

     Marek Sergot
	 Imperial College
	 tel: +44 - 71 - 589.5111
	 fax: +44 - 71 - 589.1552

    Christine Pierret-Golbreich
         LRI-CNRS URA410
         Universitite Paris Sud
         tel: +33 1 69 41 64 99

     Henning Herrestad
         Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law
         fax: +47 2 44 77 48

     Thomas F. Gordon
         German National Research Centre for Computer Science (GMD)

     Giovanni Sartor
         University of Bologna
         tel: +39 - 51 - 261062
         fax: +39 - 51 - 260782

     Bob Brouwer
         University of Amsterdam
         tel: +31 20 5253417
	 fax: +31 20 5253495
*) The book will be published by IOS (Amsterdam, Washington, Tokyo)