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From: (Christof Hertkorn)
Subject:  EuropIA 95: Distributed Planning Cooperation, Building Information Systems, Computer-Integrated Construction
Date:     Tue, 15 Feb 1994 23:17:54 GMT

Communiqu :

EuropIA 95 -
European Conference on Advanced Information Technologies, Telecommunication
and Robotics in Architecture and Civil Engineering

Advanced Information Technologies and Robotics support the growing integration
of technical, ecological, and social dimensions in  Architecture and Civil
Engineering. They will be driving forces in the development of new forms of
cooperative and   distributed planning, teleoperation and  computer integrated
construction .

The  conference provides a forum  to exchange ideas and experiences between
scientists and professionals from the building industry, software developers,
and young researchers. EuropIA 95 is scheduled for three days, including
plenary sessions with invited speakers and  workshops in parallel sessions.

The  contributions and discussions will  concentrate on :
*	Distributed Planning Cooperation - Multimedia  and  Virtual Reality
*	Building Information Systems - Computer Aided Design -  Product
*	Computer-Integrated Construction - Teleoperation  - Robotics

The  conference is scheduled from 27 to 29 September 1995 at Karlsruhe.  The
conference is organized by EUROPIA and by the  IFIB - Institut f r Industrielle
Bauproduktion, and IMB - Institut f r Maschinenwesen  im Baubetrieb, both from
Karlsruhe University, Germany and supported by the Universit t Karlsruhe and
industrial  partners.

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Prof. Niklaus Kohler & Dipl. Ing. Christof Hertkorn,  Institut f r
Industrielle Bauproduktion, Universit t Karlsruhe, Tel 0721/608-2165, Fax
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Irene Keck, Institut f r Industrielle Bauproduktion, Universit t Karlsruhe, Tel
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