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From: (Ronald C. Arkin)
Subject:  CFP: Special Track on Intelligent Robotic Systems in IEEE Expert
Date:     9 Mar 1994 17:24:59 -0600


                                CALL FOR PAPERS

                                  IEEE Expert

                               Special Track on
                          Intelligent Robotic Systems

IEEE Expert announces a Special Track on Intelligent Robotic Systems,
edited by Ronald Arkin.  A Special Track is a collection of papers united by
a theme that will run over several issues.  Previous Special Tracks in IEEE
Expert include object-oriented programming in AI, AI applications in process
systems, knowledge acquisition, functional modeling of devices, case-based
reasoning, connectionist applications, and genetic algorithms and their

For the Special Track on intelligent Robotic Systems, suggested topics for
submissions include, but are not limited to: real world mobile robot systems,
perception in support of robot navigation, integrated assembly planning,
dextrous manipulation, learning and adaptation in robotic systems, and
applications in specific fields. The results should be presented in the
context of working robotic systems.

IEEE Expert is a magazine of applied AI.  The magazine is a bridge between the
research community and the user community.  It aims to publish original papers
that transfer to the user community ideas and tools that come out of research
and development.  Clear, not overly formal, writing is essential.  Its readers
are users, developers, managers, researchers, and purchasers who are interested
in databases, expert systems, and artificial intelligence, with particular
emphasis on applications.  They want to learn about the tools, techniques,
concepts, aids, and systems that have potential for real-world applications.

Submissions should be written according the IEEE Expert style.  The final
articles should be about 8-9 printed pages, with about 10-12 references.  All
papers submitted will be carefully reviewed.  Papers accepted on technical
grounds are subject to copy editing by the Managing Editor's staff for clarity
and expressiveness.  Authors are asked to submit six copies (hard-copy only),
of their paper by August 1, 1994 to the Guest Editor:

				Ronald C. Arkin
                             College of Computing
                        Georgia Institute of Technology
  		          Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0280


Submissions will be considered after the deadline provided the author(s)
submit a title and extended abstract to the guest editor prior to August 1,
Ronald C. Arkin
College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0280
Phone: (404)-894-8209            Fax: (404)-853-9378