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From: (Yuji Matsumoto)
Subject:  CFP: Workshop on Sharable Natural Language Resources
Date:     Sat, 12 Mar 1994 08:09:11 GMT


                  SNLR: International Workshop on
                 Sharable Natural Language Resources

                         10 - 11 August, 1994

                  Nara Institute of Science and Technology
                          Ikoma, Nara, Japan

Real  world text  processing  is  becoming a   significant  concern in
computational linguistics now that large volumes of text are available
in machine readable form. Unfortunately, often machine  readable texts
are only  available in a  limited sense.  Many   texts are  not freely
available to a  wide range of  researchers.   To undertake real  world
text processing,  we not only need to  have  materials open available,
but also tools and data to analyse the texts.

We use the term "natural language resources" to refer to all the tools
and  the   data that are necessary   or   useful for  natural language
processing.  Various natural language resources  a re repeatedly built
and abandoned by researchers and research groups, resulting in a great
loss to our community as a whole.

Natural language resources are classified into at least the following

  1. Natural Language Tools:
        * Part of speech taggers
        * Morphological analysers
        * Syntactic or semantic parsers
        * Information retrieval tools
  2. Natural Language Data:
        * Dictionaries (monolingual, multi-lingual)
        * Thesauruses
        * Grammars
        * Corpora (monolingual, multi-lingual)
        * Semantic representation languages for NL
        * Knowledge representation languages for NL
        * Knowledge bases for NLP

This workshop aims to  bring together researchers and   developers who
are willing to  contribute   natural language resources  that  can  be
shared among  researchers.  Authors are invited  to submit papers with
clear specifications, characteristics, aim and coverage of any natural
language  resources that are  SHARABLE.    The presentations are to be
accompanied by a  demonstration.  Papers  without  a demonstration are
also invited, but will receive lower priority.

NOTE: This_workshop_is_not_intended_for_commercial_products.

Authors are invited to submit 4 copies of an extended abstract 4 pages
or  less on   A4 or letter   size paper.  The submitted papers  should
include at least the following information:

   * Name of the resource(s):
   * Brief summary of the resource(s):
   * Availability of the documents/manuals:
   * Price: (hopefully free)
   * Limitation: (no limitation, academic use only, etc.)
   * FTP site:
   * Media: (e.g. 8mm, DAT, CD-ROM, MO, Floppy disk, etc.)
   * Format: (e.g. unix tar, ms-dos text file, etc.)
   * Style of demonstration: (on-line, video, etc.)
   * Contact person:

(for tools)

   * Platform: (e.g. Hardware, OS (version), Window systems, etc.)
   * Implementation language:
   * Size (Mbyte):

(for data)

   * Language:
   * Data type: (e.g. Grammar, Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc.)
   * Field: (e.g. Newspaper articles, Technical paper, etc.)
   * Character set:
   * Size (Mbyte):

Papers should be sent to:

     Prof Takenobu Tokunaga
     Department of Computer Science
     Tokyo Institute of Technology
     Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo, 108 Japan

Electronic submissions in  LaTeX or PostScript form  are recommended. 
Submitted papers will be reviewed on the following schedule:

 Deadline for receipt of extended abstract: 11 April, 1994
 Notification of acceptance/rejection:      31  May, 1994
 Camera-ready copy due:                     30 June, 1994

Program Committee Members:

Yuji Matsumoto (chair)  Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Susan Armstrong-Warick  ISSCO, Switzerland
Louise Guthrie          New Mexico State University, USA
Nancy Ide               Vasser College, USA
Pierre Isabelle         CITI, Canada
Mark Liberman           University of Pennsylvania, USA
Hiroshi Sano            Toshiba Kansai Research Lab., Japan
Yuichi Tanaka           Fujitsu Lab., Japan
Henry Thompson          University of Edinburgh, UK
Takenobu Tokunaga       Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Shun Tutiya             Chiba University, Japan
Yorick Wilks            University of Sheffield, UK
Antonio Zampolli        University of Pisa, Italy

For general and further information, contact:

     Prof Yuji Matsumoto
     Nara Institute of Science and Technology
     8916-5 Takayama, Ikoma, Nara, 630-01 Japan
     Phone: +81-7437-2-5240 Fax: +81-7437-2-5219


Registration  fee will  be 10,000 Yen  ( Fee  includes  a copy  of the
proceedings, welcome reception).  Registration form is available from:

     Secretariat of COLING 94
     c/o Inter Group Corporation
     Shiroguchi Bldg., 2-15, Kakuta-cho,
     Kita-ku, Osaka 530 JAPAN
     Tel. +81-6-375-9477
     Fax. +81-6-372-6127