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From: (Paolo Ciancarini)
Subject:  CFP: Workshop on Models and Languages for Coordination of Parallelism and Distribution
Date:     15 Mar 1994 15:28:14 -0600


                          Call For Papers

                       ECOOP 94 Workshop on
Models and Languages for Coordination of Parallelism and Distribution

                          Bologna, 4-8 July 1994

         organized by P.Ciancarini, O.Nierstrasz and A.Yonezawa

A new class of models, formalisms, and mechanisms for describing concurrent
and distributed computations
has emerged in the past few years. Some significant
representatives in this new class are models and languages based on a
notion of pattern-based communication which complements the name-based
communication of traditional (concurrent) object-oriented languages:
Gamma, Linda, Swarm, Linear Objects, ACL,
PoliS, and ActorSpaces are among the most relevant examples
of coordination languages and models.

All these models and languages share a few basic concepts: simple features
for describing data and a small number of mechanisms for coordinating
the work of agents in a distributed/parallel setting. Integrating such
features with those offered by concurrent OOP may lead to a significant
step ahead in the state-of-the-art of language support for distribution
and parallelism.

The intent of this workshop is to bring together people interested in
coordination language design, abstract models
for coordination, and coordination mechanisms for
distributed operating systems, and who are engaged in or interested in
related research.

Through key presentations and ample discussions, it is
hoped that the workshop will facilitate the exchange of ideas among
researchers and contribute to clarify the relationship between the notions
of object-orientation and of coordination.
The granularity of concurrency discussed at the workshop will fully
range from coarse-grain to fine-grain.

The program committee invites submission of high-quality papers.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

- models, languages and mechanisms for coordination;
- integration of pattern-based and name-based communication;
- operating system support for coordination;
- compiling techniques for coordination;
- semantic issues for coordination languages;
- coordination support for object oriented design of open systems.

Authors interested in presenting their work are invited to send by
e-mail a complete paper or a position paper before May 2.
A complete paper should not be longer than 16 pages.
A position paper should not be longer than 6 pages.
The following formats are acceptable:

- plain ascii
- vanilla postscript
- vanilla latex
- vanilla troff -ms

For organizative reasons papers
submitted by regular mail will not be considered.

The submissions will be
reviewed by the workshop organizers and based on this review,
a selection of these papers will be presented at the
workshop. Acceptance/rejection will be notified by e-mail by June 2.
Accepted papers will be made available by ftp
before the workshop.

People interested in attending the workshop are welcome
but should submit at least a position paper (also one page only).
There is a max limit allowed of 40 attending people.
If you are interested you are kindly requested to send your
electronic addresses as soon as possible.

The partecipation to the workshop is free,
but each workshop attendee must have registered for
the main ECOOP conference.

All submissions and information requests should be sent to:

 Paolo Ciancarini
 Dipartimento di Matematica
 Univ. di Bologna
 Piazza di Porta S. Donato, 5
 40127 Bologna, Italy

 tel: +39 51 354422
 fax; +39 51 354490

Workshop organizers:
  Paolo Ciancarini, Univ. di Bologna,
  Oscar Nierstrasz, Univ. of Geneva,
  Akinori Yonezawa, Univ. of Tokyo,

Important dates:   Deadline for submission of papers: May 2
                   Notification for acceptance/rejection: June 1

Paolo Ciancarini, Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science
Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Bologna
Pza. di Porta S.Donato 5, 40127 Bologna Italy
tel. +39 51 354422  fax. +39 51 354490