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From: (Dickson Lukose)
Subject:  CFP: ICCS'94 Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition using CG Theory
Date:     22 Mar 1994 12:44:31 -0600

       C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S   A N D   P A R T I C I P A T I O N S

                             ICCS'94 Workshop On
               Knowledge Acquisition using Conceptual Graph Theory

                              August 19th, 1994

                  University of Maryland - College Park, MD

1. Topics and Issues

Knowledge Acquisition can be defined as the process by which knowledge
engineers discover the knowledge that the domain experts use to perform the
task of interest. It is the task of gathering information from any source, and
the transfer of these knowledge into a given expert system shell. Some
knowledge engineers have defined it as the interactive modelling of a domain,
or alternatively, as the transfer and transformation of expertise from
knowledge source into a form that can be executed by a knowledge-based system
to perform expert tasks .
        The proposed workshop would be first one held as part of the
International Conference of Conceptual Structures (ICCS'94). This workshop
proposes to concentrate on the application of the Conceptual Graph Theory and
operators within this theory, for knowledge acquisition. The topics of this
workshop include, but are not limited to:

o Knowledge Acquisition Methodologies

o Analysis and Comparisons of Different Knowledge Acquisition Techniques

o Prototypical Knowledge Structures for Knowledge Acquisition Processes

o Domain Modelling

o Knowledge Level Modelling

o Knowledge Acquisition Tools and Mechanisms

o Ontology

o Applications

        The major issues to be discussed at the workshop are when, how, and
where particular knowledge acquisition paradigm work successfully. This
discussion will consequently focus on the prototypical knowledge structures
requisite for the knowledge acquisition process, and the conceptual graph
operators and the different knowledge processing  activities that will enable
the encoding of the domain knowledge into knowledge base systems. A better
understanding of when, how , and where questions will no doubt help to lay a
solid foundation for development of new and innovative knowledge acquisition
paradigms based on conceptual graph theory.

2. Workshop Organising Committee

   Dickson Lukose (Chair)       University of New England, Australia
   Marie-Laure Mugnier          LIRMM (CNRS et Universite Montpellier II)
   Mark Willems                 Free University of Amsterdam
   Brain Gaines                 Knowledge Science Institute,
                                University of Calgary

3. Paper Submission Format

Authors are invited to submit original papers describing experimental and/or
theoretical results form all areas of knowledge acquisition using the
conceptual graph theory. An electronic copy of the *full* paper with no more
than 25 12pt single-spaced pages should be submitted to the following
electronic mail address:

             Electronic mail address:

Papers should be submitted before 10th. June 1994. All papers should be typed
in single columns. Notification to authors will be sent out on the 30th. June
1994. The revised final papers should be submitted before 15th. July 1994 in
order to be included in the proceedings. The proceedings will be available at
the workshop.

Each paper will be carefully reviewed by organising committee in the content
areas on the paper's title page.  Questions that will appear on the review
form have been reproduced below.  Authors are  advised to bear these questions
in mind while writing their papers:  How important is the work reported?  Does
it attack an important/difficult problem or a peripheral/simple one?  Does the
approach offered advance the state of the art? Has this or similar work been
previously reported?  Are the problems and approaches completely new?  Is this
a novel combination of familiar techniques?  Does the paper point out
differences from related research? Is it re-inventing the wheel using new
terminology? Is the paper technically sound?  Does it carefully evaluate the
strengths and limitations of its contribution?  How are its claims backed up?
Is the paper clearly written? Does it motivate the research? Does it describe
he inputs, outputs and basic algorithms employed? Does the paper describe
previous work? Are the results described and evaluated? Is the paper organised
in a logical fashion?

4. Journal Publication of Selected Papers

The workshop organising committee is currently negotiating with Academic Press
for the publication of a special issue of the journal "Knowledge Acquisition",
containing selected papers from this workshop.

5. Fees

A US $35.00 fee will be charged to all attendees. This will include
refreshments during the workshop break and a copy of the proceedings. A student
fee of US $25.00 is available.

6. Important Dates

   10th. June 1994      Submission of full paper
   30th. June 1994      Notification of acceptance/rejection to authors
   15th. July 1994      Submission of revised final papers

7. Further Information

All enquires regarding this workshop should be directed to the following

                             Dr. Dickson Lukose
            Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing Science
                       The University of New England
                            Armidale, N.S.W., 2351


                        Phone:  +61 (0)67 73 2302
                        Fax:    +61 (0)67 73 3312