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From: (EdTech Conference Service)
Subject:  CFP (final): East-West Conference on Computer Technologies in Education (EW-ED'94)
Date:     26 Mar 1994 13:57:01 -0600

          *                                                  *
          *               East-West Conference               *
          *     on Computer Technologies in Education        *
          *                                                  *
          *                   EW-ED'94                       *
          *                                                  *
          *     September 19-23, 1994  *  Crimea, Ukraine    *
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          *             CALL FOR PARTICIPATION               *
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          *   Papers   Posters   Tutorials   Demonstrations  *
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The East-West Conference on Computer Technologies in Education (EW-ED'94)
is the third in the series of conferences designed to report the best
research in the field of Computer Technologies and Education and to
provide opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas between
Eastern and Western scientists.

EW-ED'94 is the successor to EW'92 and ICCTE'93 Conferences which were
held in Moscow in April 1992 and in Kiev in September 1993.

The Conference is organised and sponsored by:

- Simferopol  State  University, Simferopol,  Crimea,  Ukraine
- International Training and Research Center UNESCO//IIP at Glushkov
  Institute for Cybernetics, Kiev, Ukraine
- International Center of Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI),
  Moscow, Russia
- Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), USA

The Conference will be held at the Conference Hall in one of the
holiday-homes located on the Black Sea Coast, near Yalta.

We invite you to participate in the EW-ED'94 conference and submit
proposals for papers, panels, tutorials, and demonstration posters.

                          MAJOR TOPICS

The conference will address the problems associated with the five main

   - Educational Hypermedia and Multimedia
   - Telecommunication and Education
   - Artificial Intelligence in Education
   - Cognitive  and  Environmental  Principles  of  Verbal
   - Social, Psychological and Cultural Aspects of Computer-Assisted

Areas of Interest include but are not limited to:

Cognitive Models and Student Modeling
Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Computer-Assisted Reading and Writing
Computer-Assisted Teaching and Learning Programming
Computer-Aided Educational Planning and Scheduling
Computers for Science Education in Secondary and High School
Evaluation of Instructional Computer Systems
Expert Systems Application in Education
Natural Language Interfaces
Teaching and Learning Business Communication
Theories of Teaching and Computer Technologies


Authors intending to present full papers should submit an EXTENDED
abstract of up to 2000 words (of text only). Those intending to
submit tutorial proposals, posters, or demonstrations should submit an
abstract of up to 750 words. An abstract should include the title of the
submission, type (tutorial, paper, poster, or demonstration), names and
addresses of the authors e-mail of the author who is responsible for all
correspondence, and a list of keywords. Please, indicate clearly one or two
of five main conference directions on your submission and list all related
areas of interest from the list above when possible. All abstracts should
be prepared in electronic form in ASCII format and sent by e-mail to Peter
Brusilovsky ( or (if e-mail is not awailable) on a PC
diskette to Helen Ilovayskaya Univ. of Simferopol, Computer Center,
Yaltinskaya 4, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 333036.

Authors of accepted papers will be requested to prepare a full version
(6-8 pages) for publication in the conference proceedings. Instructions
will be sent concerning the final camera-ready format for their papers.
All paper submissions which are not accepted as papers will be re-considered
as poster submissions. For those who wish to attend the conference without
submitting an abstract, please contact the Local Organizing Committee as soon
as possible.

Best paper awards:

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, the publisher
of several well-known educational journals donates special prizes to the
authors of the best paper presented at the conference on the following
three main directions: Educational Hypermedia and Multimedia,
Telecommunication and Education, and Artificial Intelligence in Education.
Each prize is a free year subscription to one of AACE journals.


Papers and tutorials deadline         1st April 1994
Papers and tutorials acceptance       10th May  1994
Posters and demonstrations deadline   1st May   1994
Posters and demonstrations acceptance 20th May  1994
Camera ready papers                   20th June 1994
     Early                            1st June  1994
     Late                             20th Aug. 1994
Conference                  19th-23rd September 1994


EW-ED'94 will be held in the Crimea, which is one of the most beautiful
places in the world. There is a mild climate, azure sea, tasty and very
famous wines, many interesting historical and modern places, and other
pleasant things. Welcome to the Crimea, to the best region for the rest,
the health and the ideas' exchange!

To Yalta through Moscow, Kiev and Simferopol.

You are welcome to visit Moscow, Kiev or Simferopol before/after the
Conference. ICSTI, Moscow and ITRC, Kiev being co-organisers of the
Conference provide Russian and Ukrainian visa support, hotel accomodation,
arival/departure transportation and special cultural and social programme.
In the week right before the EW-ED'94 ICSTI is organizing another related
international conference on multimedia, hypermedia, and virtual reality.
Queries about other international conferences organized or co-organized by
ICSTI in 1994 can be sent to

For further information about EW-ED'94, contact:
     Dr Svetlana Dikareva
     Computer Center, Simferopol State University
     Yaltinskaya, 4, Simferopol
     Crimea, Ukraine 333036
     Phone: (0652) 23-23-82
     Fax:   (0652) 23-23-10
     Dr Peter Brusilovsky
     Dr Valery Petrushin

                      EW-ED'94 COMMITTEES

Programme Committee Co-Chairs
Valentin Bogdanov, University of St.Petersburg, Russia
Jim Greer, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Valery Petrushin, Institute for Cybernetics, Kiev, Ukraine

Conference Organizing Board
Peter Brusilovsky, ICSTI, Russia (chair)
Svetlana Dikareva, Univ. of Simferopol, Ukraine
Alexey Dovgyallo, ITRC, Ukraine
Greg Kearsley, George Washington University, USA
Joel Greenberg, Open University, UK
Piet Kommers, Univ. of Twente, the Netherlands
Jury Mohyla, Flinders University, Australia
Luigi Sarti, ITD, Italy

Organizing Commitee Chair
Vladimir Gritsenko, ITRC, Kiev, Ukraine

General Chair
V.Sidyakin, University of Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Programme Committee:
KSR Anjaneyulu (NCST, Bombay, India)
Natalia Apatova (University of Simferopol, Ukraine)
Michael Baker (C.N.R.S., IRPEACS Laboratory, Lyon, France)
Ehud Bar-On (Technion, Israel)
Dmitry Bogolubov (MIEM, Russia)
Peter Brusilovsky (ICSTI, Russia)
Tak-Wai Chan (National Central University, Taiwan)
Darina Dicheva (University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
Svetlana Dikareva (University of Simferopol, Ukraine)
Pierre Dillenbourg (University of Geneve, Switzerland)
Alexey Dovgyallo (ITRC, Kiev, Ukraine)
Joel Greenberg (Open University, UK)
Heinz-Ulrich Hoppe (GMD, Germany)
Judith Kay (Sydney University, Australia)
Greg Kearsley (George Washington University, USA)
Eugene Khvilon (Paris, UNESCO)
ViStor Kolybin (Paris, UNECKO)
Piet Kommers (University of Twente, the Netherlands)
Susan Lajoie (McGill University, Canada)
Matthew Lewis (USA, RAND)
Philip Miller (Carnegie-Mellon University, USA)
Riichiro Mizoguchi (Osaka University, Japan)
Jury Mohyla (Flinders University, Australia)
Claus Moebus (University of Oldenburg, Germany)
Pavol Navrat (Kuwait University, Kuwait)
Setsuko Otsuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
Helen Pain (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Rein Prank (Tartu University, Estonia)
Luigi Sarti (ITD, Italy)
Zahava Scherz (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
John Self (Lancaster University, UK)
Bronius Tamulynas (Kaunas University, Lithuania)
Julita Vassileva (Federal Armed Forces University, Germany)
Radboud Winkels (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Beverly Woolf (University of Massachusetts, USA)

Local Arrangements
Vitaliy Govorovsky, Univ. of Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Helen Ilovayskaya, Univ. of Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Helen Danilova, Univ. of Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Natalia Alexeeva, Univ. of Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Katherine Sinitsa, Institute for Cybernetics, Kiev, Ukraine
Olga Romanenko, Institute for Cybernetics, Kiev, Ukraine
Irene Rozet, ICSTI, Moscow, Russia