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Subject:  CFP: Multimedia and Design Conference, University of Sydney [deadline change]
Date:     26 Mar 1994 13:57:38 -0600

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                          University of Sydney

                          26-28 September 1994

Multimedia computer systems involve the dissemination and manipulation
of information by integrating a range of media -- text, moving and
still images, video, computer models, and sound -- in ways that are
highly interactive and responsive.

The terminology of "multimedia" is a recognition of the increasing role
of the computer as medium. Like the components of the mass media of
radio, television and newspapers, computers now constitute links within
global communications networks. Multimedia is also a recognition of the
increasingly amorphous nature of computers and information technology.
Design is a vital component within this media matrix.

The conference addresses the expanding role of computers within the
media matrix and raises questions of importance to designers: how can
designers make use of multimedia technology; how does multimedia
integrate with CAD; what are the tools and techniques of multimedia;
how are designers designing for this technology; how is the technology
changing design practice; how is the technology being shaped by and
responding to design practice; and how is multimedia affecting design
and distance education?

This conference explores the application of multimedia to
architectural, engineering, product and graphic design. Two kinds of
submissions are invited: (i) papers exploring all aspects of multimedia
technology applied to design; and (ii) presentations showing the
technology and its use in professional practice. The conference is for
researchers, educators, managers and practitioners in the fields of
design, media and information technology.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

     * Multimedia and collaborative work
         Collaborative design, computer supported collaborative work,
         video-conferencing, networking
     * Multimedia development issues
         Human-computer interfaces, promotions/presentations, copyright,
         contract documentation, education, new paradigms of computing
     * Multimedia design support
         Tools and techniques, computer-aided design, integration,
         geographic information systems, database management systems
     * Impact of multimedia on design practice
         Design theories, practice issues, use of metaphors,

Key Centre of Design Computing, University of Sydney
Australian Computer Society



Bernie Ward is a Project Engineer with the NSW Public Works
Department's Olympic 2000 Project. Prior to being placed on the
Project, over 2 years ago, he was the Business Manager for the
Department's CADD system, a sophisticated network of over 50
workstations. Whilst in the CADD area he was instrumental in developing
the production process of computer generated animation `fly arounds' of
public buildings.

With this high end computer graphics knowledge, Bernie undertook a
national campaign to seek out what computer oriented presentation
techniques were available for Sydney's Bid for the Year 2000 Olympic
Games. He wrote the briefs and managed the sourcing of the three
sophisticated multimedia productions. Bernie travelled with the Bid
lobby team to Acapulco, Argentina and Atlanta, and was part of the
winning team in Monte Carlo in September 1993.

Five hard copies of full papers are required by 23 May 1994.  The first
page of the paper should have no author identification. Please provide
a separate page with paper title and author(s) name/address/fax/email.
Papers will be refereed and authors of accepted papers can revise their
papers. Two hard copies and an electronic version (3-1/2" disk, ftp or
email) of final papers are required. Authors will be expected to sign a
copyright release form to allow the publication of the proceedings. One
author of each paper is expected to present the paper at the

Five hard copies of a one-page summary of a presentation are required by
23 May 1994.

Preprints of the papers will be available at the conference and the
papers will be considered for inclusion in a subsequent book.

Submission to:
     Fay Sudweeks
     Key Centre of Design Computing
       Department of Architectural and Design Science
     University of Sydney NSW 2006

     Courier address:
       Fay Sudweeks
       Room 284, Wilkinson Building
       Key Centre of Design Computing
       148 City Road
       University of Sydney NSW Australia
       Ph: 61 (0)2 692 2328

     Key Centre of Design Computing
     Wilkinson Building
       148 City Road
     University of Sydney

     Full papers due--5 copies:                 23 May 1994
     Presentation summaries--5 copies:          23 May 1994
     Notification of acceptance:               23 June 1994
     Revised, formatted papers due:            23 July 1994
     Conference:                       26-28 September 1994

Richard Coyne, University of Sydney
John Gero, University of Sydney
Mary Lou Maher, University of Sydney
Sidney Newton, University of Sydney

Conference Manager
Fay Sudweeks, University of Sydney

Advisory Board
Bala Balachandran, University of Wollongong
John Bird, Swinburne University of Technology
Rodger Bouette, Invetech Operations
Rebecca Cummins, University of Sydney
Neville D'Cruz, Curtin University of Technology
Jonathon Delacour, Firmware Design
Michael Docherty, University of Queensland
Richard Dunn, University of Sydney
Paul Fowler, Department of Public Works
Michael Fry, University of Technology, Sydney
James Gibbs, G. L. D'Arcy
Eric Gidney, University of New South Wales
Mike Gigante, CITRI
Alex Goldfinch, Pimas Group
Nigel Goodwin, University of Sydney
Arthur Kingsland, University of Newcastle
John K. Lancaster, ARC Systems
Peter Leonard, Gilbert and Tobin Solicitors
Howard Leslie, CSIRO
Grier Lin, University of South Australia
Cameron McDonald-Stuart, Apple Australia
John Mitchell, Mitchell Architects
Hari Murthy, University of Western Australia
Peter Newton, CSIRO
Arshad Omari, Edith Cowan University
Jim Plume, University of New South Wales
Vesna Popovic, Queensland University of Technology
Mark Richards, Animotion Design
Chris Rowles, Telecom Australia
Mirek Rzadkowski, UnixPac Systems
Lyndon Sharp, NSW Board of Studies
Michael Steele, Sony Australia
Matthew Underwood, Telstra Corporation
Eric Whitehouse, IBM
John Young, Silicon Graphics




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Please send or email this form to:

Fay Sudweeks
Multimedia and Design Conference
Key Centre of Design Computing
Department of Architectural and Design Science
University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
Ph: 02-692 2328  Fax: 02-692 3031


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and Design Science -- University of Sydney -- NSW -- 2006 -- Australia
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