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From: (SCHNEIDER daniel)
Subject:  Workshop on Teaching and Learning with the World-Wide Web
Date:     11 Apr 1994 08:28:04 -0500

		  "Teaching & Learning With The Web" [1]


(Note: numbers in square brackets refer to WWW links listed at the
 end of this document.)

   This is a workshop at the First International WWW conference[2]
   in Geneva, devoted to the discussion of topics related to the
   educational use of the World-Wide Web (WWW)

   Daniel Schneider[3], TECFA[4].       Contact:
   Marcus Speh[5], DESY[6] and GNA[7]  
   Daniel Peraya[8], TECFA             

   We're still looking for 1-2 organizers (preferably Computer Based
   Learning specialists) to join us!

3. PARTICIPATION open to everybody agreeing to contribute in one the following ways:

   *  prepare a short (3-8 pages) paper to be discussed in the workshop: an
      alternative to more formal and/or longer conference papers.

   *  prepare a list of questions & or suggestions (preferably with pointers
      to some work/reading) on the educational use of the Web to be discussed
      in the Workshop.

   *  suggest/present technical questions/solutions for courseware writing
      with the WWW.

   Contributions must be made available as a single HTML page
   before the conference. The core of the contribution should be contained
   within this page, so that we can print it out for the workshop. Persons
   without access to a reliable server can use TECFA's server[4].

   Duration and Form of the Workshop will be announced after we get a
   "critical mass" of participants. Anyhow, we plan to make this workshop
   pretty informal, since it is the first ever organized.

   On WWW, you can fill a registration form[9]
   or send Email to Dan Schneider, [3]

   April 17, 1994: Declaration of intent. We'd like to hear from you
                   whether potentially you plan to participate.
   May 1, 1994   : Formal declaration of participation and draft pages.
   May 20, 1994  : Final pages must have reached us.

   NOTE: You have to register with the conference [2] too !!

   Subjects to be discussed in the workshop will be determined in function of
   your contributions. However we'd like to cover a relatively broad spectrum
   and maybe initiate the creation of working groups for more specialized
   topics. Any suggestions/additions to this tree are welcome.

   A. WWW COURSEWARE: hypertextbooks[10] and WWW support for both virtual
      (online) and conventional classes. Including case studies of virtual
      prototype courses[11]. Contact: [5]

   B. WWW in the context of "traditional" distance teaching and open
      learning. What are the potential problems & perspectives ?
      Contact: [8]

   C. WWW and the various Computer Assisted Learning Paradigms. How could
      we use WWW for: CAI, CBT, CAL, ITS, MicroWorlds, etc.? How could
      we integrate other (educational & CSCW) software (locally or on WANs).
      Contact: [3]

   Netnews groups:,,
         , bit.listserv.edutech
   Email-lists: and (subscribe by sending the line
		SUB GNA-CURRICULUM [your_name]
      to for curriculum discussion within GNA[7]


NOTE: if you are not on the World-Wide Web yet, get ref. [12] via anon FTP
      for details and access information.

[1] OR

Daniel K.Schneider, TECFA (Educational Technologies and Learning)
Faculte de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education, University of Geneva,
9 route de Drize, 1227 Carouge(Switzerland),
Phone: (..41) 22 705 9694, Fax: (..41) 22 342 89 24

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