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Subject:  CFP: Symposium on Computer Animation and Computer Music (SYNAESTHETICA '94) [submission dates changed]
Date:     11 Apr 1994 12:11:25 -0500


A Symposium on Computer Animation and Computer Music

1-3 July 1994


The Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology (ACAT)
Australian National University
Canberra,  Australia.


* All initial submissions       29 April 1994
  including Papers,(VHS)Video (PAL), audio (cassette)

* Notification of Acceptances   23 May 1994
        (follows Review Panels' decisions)

* Master copies due     3 June 1994
        o Papers: Camera ready A4 double spaced single sided
        o Audio Tapes: DAT (48KHz),
        o Video: S-VHS or 3/4" Umatic (High Band SP) PAL

* Discount registration ends    10 June 1994

NOTE: Wherever possible,  please address all your questions and responses
to Julie Fraser via email to


The symposium will bring together researchers,  developers and
practitioners involved in the theory, practice, and analysis of
computer-based animation and music composition as well as realtime
performance systems.  This three day program is designed to encourage the
interaction between researchers and the interchange of work and ideas in
the areas of computer music and computer animation.

The symposium will provide a mix of innovative technical sessions and
cultural events to promote the understanding and development of both
computer music and computer animation and will provide a forum for
exploring the technical and aesthetic similarities and difference in these
two fields.

Transactions of the Symposium will be published.  They will contain the
selected papers, descriptions of performances, etc.


Original papers, live performance works, works for screenings and poster
presentations are sought on a wide range of topics.

The fields are evolving, hence the scope of the Symposium is broad. We
encourage and invite submissions in the form of original papers, state-of
the-art reports, live performance works and works on video or audio tapes
in every area of the field, including (in no particular order):

o       Behavioural Animation
o       Special effects
o       Animation languages/systems
o       Realtime Animation
o       Sound and Speech synthesis and synchronization
o       Physical Dynamics
o       Sonification
o       Software and hardware architectures for sound & image composition.
o       Special hardware for image and sound synthesis or processing
o       Composition and performance
o       Distributed Systems and Parallel Programming
o       Spatial Audio
o       Collaboration environments & networking and communication
o       Media integration and synchronization
o       Programming paradigms and environments
o       User interfaces
o       Animated visualisation
o       Robotics and animation (virtual robotics)
o       Motion control
o       Modeling and Rendering
o       Proceedural animation
o       Spatial and temporal antialiasing
o       Synthetic actors
o       Virtual reality

Where applicable, prototype demonstrations or slide, tape etc presentations
are encouraged to supplement the papers.


The working language of the conference will be English.


Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality papers which should be at
most 6000 words or 10 pages. Submissions should consist of 3 copies of the
paper and a cover letter indicating the primary author's name, affiliation,
address, phone and fax numbers and email address. The title page should
include an abstract (less than 200 words) and up to 5 keywords.

Please see table at the beginning of this announcement for deadlines.


o       An exhibition: Contours of the Mind: A Celebration of Fractals,
Feedback and Chaos,
o       Public Performances
o       Audio-visual display/ listening room
o       Installations


Synasethesia '94 delegates will be asked to submit in no more than 10 lines
a question or statement outlining an issue pertaining to their field of
endevour that they consider currently important. An open forum where
questions and discussions relating to these ideas will be scheduled.

FEES (Australian Dollars)

Registration fee                $120            Early registration fee $100
Student & Unemployed    $90             Early registration fee  $75

For those intending to submit a paper, poster, or recording the
notification should include the format, title and a brief outline (100
words) of the proposed submission.

For more information,  notification of intention to participate etc, please

Attention: Julie Fraser
Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology
GPO Box 804 Canberra,
ACT 2601,  Australia


        David Worrall,  Head
        Stuart Ramsden, Lecturer in Computer Animation
        Tim Kreger,     Lecturer in Computer Music
        Julie Fraser, Executive Officer

Australian Centre for the Arts & Technology (ACAT)
Institute of the Arts, Australian National University
Tim Kreger       	       	    EMail:
Lecturer in Computer Music   	Ph:        	61-6-249-5642
Australian Centre for the     Fax:       	61-6-247-0229
Arts and Technology