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From: (Erik Proper)
Subject:  CFP: Information System Concepts (ISCO3)
Date:     11 Apr 1994 12:11:44 -0500

******************** C A L L  F O R  P A P E R S *********************

           IFIP WG 8.1 International Working Conference on

         I N F O R M A T I O N  S Y S T E M  C O N C E P T S

                 Marburg/Germany,  28-30 March 1995

     Sponsor: International Federation for Information Processing
            Co-sponsor: Gesellschaft fuer Informatik e.V.


   Most mature scientific disciplines have a sound and widely accepted
foundation of basic concepts. This is not yet the case for our discipline
of information systems. Numerous and widely diverting views abound in our
field. It is acknowledged that there are various good reasons for applying
different views, modelling approaches or paradigms for different sorts of
information systems. But most of these differences are unmotivated or not
well justified; they are the historical products of different research
cultures and schools of thought. More regrettable are the differences
caused by a school ignoring the work of others, or resulting from
deliberate "product differentiation" by companies or universities in the
information system field.
   For the future of our field, it is desirable to encourage a
consolidation and harmonisation of views, wherever that is feasible. The
current work of the IFIP WG 8.1 Task Group FRISCO ("FRamework of
Information System COncepts") is a major step in this desirable direction.
After the two successful ISCO conferences in Namur and Alexandria, this
third ISCO conference is being organised, with consolidation and
harmonisation as its aims.

*  Investigations of the reasons for the divergence of views and paradigms
   in the information systems field, and possible remedies.
*  Studies to clarify and axiomatise key concepts for information systems.
*  Studies regarding integration or unification of conceptual frameworks
   for information systems.
*  Investigations of the conceptual relationships between the information
   systems field and the various neighbouring disciplines, such as software
   engineering, organisation theories, system theories, cognition, or
*  Improvements to existing frameworks of information system concepts.
*  Approaches for integrating, unifying or transforming different modelling
   techniques or design methods for information systems.
*  Approaches to inter-operable information systems and re-usability of
   information system designs in different environments.
*  Approaches for adapting general modelling techniques or methods for
   specific application domains or sorts of information systems.
*  Investigations of the suitability of conceptual frameworks for
   addressing problems encountered in various sorts of information systems,
   such as database systems, active database systems, deductive database
   systems, multi-media database systems, knowledge-based systems, decision
   support systems, expert systems, document retrieval systems, information
   disclosure systems, real-time information systems, office information
   systems, management information systems, communication systems, etc.

   Researchers, teachers and practitioners in the information systems
field, regardless of their special connection to some specific scientific
culture or school, sort of information systems, or sort of application

   It is planned to incorporate in the conference a tutorial about the
results of the work of the FRISCO Task Group, followed by regular, original
paper sessions, a poster session, and a panel session. For each regular
paper, a discussant will reflect and comment on it, to provoke an in-depth
discussion and debate.

   Original papers, fitting into the theme, are invited. They may cover one
or several of the suggested topics, but are not limited to them. To submit
a paper, send five (5) copies of your manuscript in English to the Program
Committee Chairman by 28 October 1994:

   Prof. Dr. E. D. Falkenberg
   Department of Informatics, University of Nijmegen
   Toernooiveld, NL - 6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands
   Email: , Fax: +31-80-553450

   Submitted papers should not exceed 8000 words, and should have a front
page where the title, the authors, their postal addresses, their email
addresses, their fax numbers and their phone numbers are stated. The full
paper, including title and abstract, but excluding the authors, should
begin on the second page.
   Submitted papers will be reviewed and judged with respect to
originality, significance, depth of analysis or insights, clarity and
readability, and relevance to the conference theme. All submitted papers
will be blind refereed. Pre-prints will be available at the time of the
conference. The proceedings will be published after the conference by the
official IFIP publisher.

   Papers due: 28 October 1994
   Notification of acceptance/rejection: 23 December 1994
   Final papers for pre-prints due: 10 February 1995

   Antoni Olive, University of Catalunya, Spain

   Eckhard Falkenberg, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

   F. van Assche, Belgium                  D. Avison, U.K.
   P. Creasy, Australia                    W. Hesse, Germany
   R. Hotaka, Japan                        M. Jarke, Germany
   L. Kalinichenko, Russia                 P. Kerola, Finland
   P. Loucoupulos, U.K.                    K. Lyytinen, Finland
   B. Nilsson, Sweden                      J. Odell, U.S.A.
   N. Prakash, India                       C. Rolland, France
   H. Sol, Netherlands                     R. Stamper, Netherlands
   R. Traunmueller, Austria                T. Tse, Hong Kong
   A. Verrijn-Stuart, Netherlands          D. Vogel, U.S.A.
   K. Voss, Germany                        Y. Wand, Canada
   S. Wrycza, Poland

   Wolfgang Hesse, University of Marburg, Germany

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| Erik Proper (,
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