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From: (Ricardo Baeza-Yates)
Subject:  CFP: 2nd Latin-American Conference on Theoretical Informatics (LATIN'95)
Date:     13 Apr 1994 11:51:52 -0500

   *                  Preliminary Call for Papers                      *
   *                                                                   *
   *                 Second International Symposium                    *
   *                                                                   *
   *                            LATIN'95                               *
   *                                                                   *
   *             Latin American Theoretical INformatics                *
   *                                                                   *
   *    April 3 -- 7, 1995  ---   Valpara'iso/Vi~na del Mar, Chile     *
   *                                                                   *
   *     Sponsored by Universidad de Chile, UTFSM & IFIP SGFCS         *
   *           in cooperation with EATCS, CLEI, SBC, SCCC              *
   *                                                                   *

LATIN'95 is  the follow-up  of LATIN'92,  an International  Symposium on
Theoretical Computer  Science  created to  promote  Theoretical Computer
Science research in Latin  America.  Further  symposia held in different
Latin American countries are expected.

The first  event, held  in  S~ao Paulo,  was  sponsored by  the Instituto
de Matem'atica  e  Estat'istica da  Universidade  de S~ao  Paulo  in April,
1992.   The second one,  LATIN'95, will  be organized  by the University
of Chile at  Santiago, Univ.   T'ecnica  Federico Santa  Mar'ia (UTFSM) at
Valpara'iso/Vi~na del Mar, and P. Univ.  Cat'olica at Santiago.

Papers presenting  original  research on  all  aspects of  the  areas of
Automata, Algorithms and  Complexity are being  sought.
Typical topics include:

       . Algorithms and Data Structures
       . Automata and Formal Languages
       . Computability and Complexity Theory
       . Computational Geometry
       . Cryptography
       . Parallel and Distributed Computation
       . Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
       . Combinatorial and Algebraic Aspects of Computer Science

The papers will be selected by the following Program Committee:

Ricardo Baeza-Yates (U. of Chile, Co-chair) Arnaldo Moura (IBM, Brazil)
Leopoldo Bertossi (Catholic Univ., Chile)   J.Ian Munro (Waterloo, Canada)
Svante Carlsson (Lulea, Sweden)             Gene Myers (Arizona, USA)
Walter Cunto (IBM, Venezuela)               Maurice Nivat (Paris, France)
Josep Diaz (Barcelona, Spain)               Andrew Odlyzko (Bell Labs, USA)
Volker Diekert (Stuttgart, Germany)         Ren'e Peralta (Wisconsin, USA)
Vladimir Estivill-Castro (LANIA, Mexico)    Dominique Perrin (Paris, France)
Joachim von zur Gathen (Toronto, Canada)    Patricio Poblete (U. of Chile)
Eric Goles (U. of Chile, Co-chair)          Gregory Rawlins (Indiana, USA)
Gast'on Gonnet (ETH, Switzerland)           Antonio Restivo (Palermo, Italy)
Jozef Gruska (Bratislava, Slovakia)         Grzegorz Rozenberg (Leiden, Neths.)
Jan van Leuween (Utrecht, Netherlands)      Isaac Scherson (Irvine, USA)
Tom Leighton (MIT, USA)                     Imre Simon (S~ao Paulo, Brazil)
Andrzej Lingas (Lund, Sweden)               Godfried Toussaint (McGill, Canada)
Laszlo Lovasz (Yale, USA)                   Nivio Ziviani (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

The preliminary  list  of invited  speakers  include  Alberto Apostolico
(Purdue & Padova), Josep Diaz (Barcelona) and Steve Smale (Berkeley).

Authors are cordially invited to submit papers in  two parts.  The first
part, directed to  a non-specialist,  consists of 8  copies of  a one or
two page abstract (maximum  of 1000 words) clearly  stating the problem,
the main results obtained,  an explanation of their  significance, and a
comparison to previous work.  The second part, directed to a specialist,
consists of  4  copies of  an  extended  abstract of  six  to  ten pages
(maximum of 5000  words), excluding references  and figures.   The title
page should specify  the contact  author's name, address,  phone number,
fax number,  and  e-mail  address,  whenever available.     All material
submitted should be in English.   From places  where copier machines are
not readily available one copy of each part is acceptable.

Submissions  should  be  sent  by  airmail  (courier  mail  is  STRONGLY
recommended) to one of the Program Committee Chairs:

Ricardo Baeza-Yates                     Eric Goles
Depto.  de Ciencias de la Computaci'on  Depto.  de Ingenier'ia Matem'atica
Universidad de Chile                    Universidad de Chile
Blanco Encalada 2120                    Casilla 170-3
Santiago, Chile                         Santiago, Chile
E-mail:          FAX: +(56) (2) 671-2799

The symposium will  consist of approximately  6 invited  lectures and of
contributed papers.   We intend to publish  the Symposium Proceedings in
the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science series as in 1992.
The final copy of  accepted papers for the  Proceedings will be required
in camera-ready form.  We plan to  have one day (April 7th) for specific
workshops.  Any  person interested in organizing  one should contact one
of the program chairs.   In particular,  the 2nd South-American Workshop
on String Processing will be held that day.

Vi~na del  Mar is  a beach  resort accessible  by air,  bus  or car  at a
distance of 110 kms from  Santiago.  If you  need further information or
you wish to let  LATIN'95 know that  you intend to submit  a paper, send
your name, affiliation, postal and e-mail  addresses as well as the area
of your intended  paper to  or mail  these data to
one of the addresses above.

                Important dates:  all deadlines are FIRM

 Deadline for reception of submission in Santiago  September  1,  1994
 Notification of acceptance or rejection           November   2,  1994
 Deadline for reception of final text in Santiago  January    2,  1995

Organizing Committee:
   Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Univ.  de Chile (Co-chair)
   Leopoldo Bertossi, P. Univ.  Cat'olica de Chile
   Horst von Brand, Univ.  Tec.  Federico Santa Mar'ia
   Alvaro Campos, P. Univ.  Cat'olica de Chile
   Eric Goles, Univ.  de Chile (Co-chair)
   Nancy Hitschfeld, Univ.  de Chile
   R'aul Monge, Univ.  Tec.  Federico Santa Mar'ia
   Ren'e Peralta, U. of Wisconsin & P. Univ.  Cat'olica de Chile
   Patricio Poblete, U. de Chile
   Imre Simon, Univ.  de S~ao Paulo
   Marcelo Visconti, Univ.  Tec.  Federico Santa Mar'ia

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