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From:     hans@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Hans Chalupsky)
Subject:  CFP (extended deadline): 3rd International SNePS Workshop
Date:     18 Apr 1994 13:51:45 -0500

                         ** EXTENDED DEADLINE/UPDATES **

                                CALL FOR PAPERS

                                    for the


                             to be held during the
             Multidisciplinary Foundations of Cognitive Science

                          Center for Cognitive Science
          State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo NY, USA
                                (Amherst Campus)

                               July 28 - 29, 1994



NOTE: Deadline for early full-session registration (4 weeks) is April 30, 1994!
      Registration fees for partial registration (per week) are not affected
      (only partial registration is necessary to attend the SNePS workshop).


The Third International SNePS (Semantic Network Processing System) Workshop
will take place during the First International Summer Institute in Cognitive
Science to be held in July 1994 in Buffalo, NY.  The first day of the two-day
workshop will be devoted entirely to a hands-on SNePS tutorial for people
interested in learning about SNePS.  The second day will be used for the
presentation and discussion of SNePS-related papers.


The Semantic Network Processing System (SNePS), developed by Stuart C. Shapiro
et al., is the implementation of a fully intensional theory of knowledge
representation and reasoning.  Since its first incarnation in the early
seventies, the main goal driving its development has been the construction of
an artificial or computational cognitive agent capable of communicating
intelligently with other cognitive agents in natural language.  In the last
several years, many laboratories and individuals all over the world have
obtained copies of SNePS, and have been using it as a tool for their own
research or as part of implementations of applied AI systems.

One purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers who are using
SNePS in their ongoing research or for the development of applied AI systems,
to further communication and cooperation with other SNePS researchers, and to
promote the integration of independent developments.

However, the workshop is not exclusively aimed at users of SNePS.  The
knowledge representation and reasoning issues that SNePS tries to address are
genuine problems which are also tackled by many researchers outside the SNePS
community.  Contributions discussing such issues, in particular, if they do
closely relate to SNePS or to propositional knowledge representation in
general, are highly welcome.


We invite you to submit papers about applications of SNePS, as well as research
and position papers, preferably on topics directly related to SNePS or similar
knowledge representation and reasoning formalisms.  Such topics may include,
but are not limited to, any of the following:

    o General issues in knowledge representation
    o Theoretical foundations of propositional semantic networks
    o Natural language understanding and generation
    o Representation of and reasoning about plans and actions
    o Planning and acting
    o Reasoning about change
    o Nonmonotonic reasoning
    o Reason maintenance and belief revision
    o Belief representation and reasoning about nested beliefs
    o Efficient reasoning methods
    o Distributed knowledge bases and parallelization
    o Agent architectures and autonomous agents
    o Large scale knowledge bases
    o Relationships  of  SNePS  to  other  knowledge  representation  and
      reasoning systems
    o Applications of SNePS


Authors interested in presenting a paper should submit 5 copies of a
camera-ready full paper (not exceeding 10 pages) containing previously
unpublished work.  The first page of each paper should contain its title, the
name, affiliation, surface and e-mail address of each author, and an abstract.
All papers should be submitted on 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 paper, and printed in
12-point font.  Selection of papers will be based upon quality and relevance to
the theme of the workshop.  Submissions should be sent by hard mail, to arrive
by June 6, 1994, to:

      Hans Chalupsky
      Department of Computer Science
      226 Bell Hall
      State University of New York at Buffalo
      Buffalo, NY 14260

      Phone:   ++(716) 645-2879     Fax:   ++(716) 645-3464

Authors will be informed by early July about acceptance of their paper.
The collection of accepted papers will be published as a technical report of
the Department of Computer Science of the State University of New York at
Buffalo.  Authors are strongly encouraged to use the LaTeX document formatting
system, because this will enable us to make the technical report available


Workshop participants have to register for at least the last week of the
Summer Institute for Cognitive Science (week 4) with form C given below.  The
partial registration fees for one week are US$ 350 for academic affiliates
(faculty/student), and US$ 650 for corporate affiliates.  It should be
pointed out that registering for the last week does entitle you to attend all
lectures, workshops and tutorials held during that week, not just the SNePS
workshop.  Full registration for the whole Summer Institute or any partial
registration including the last week will of course also entitle you to attend
the SNePS workshop.

To register for the SNePS workshop and/or tutorial please do the following:

1) Send a short e-mail message to  indicating
   whether you want to attend the workshop and/or tutorial.

2) If you want to attend the SNePS workshop and/or tutorial but
   not the entire four-week FISI-CS session fill out form C below
   (circle week 4 in the partial registration section) and send it
   **by postal/surface/snail mail** (not e-mail) to

      Office of Conferences and Special Events
      Center for Tomorrow, Room 120
      State University of New York at Buffalo
      Buffalo, NY 14260-1602

   If you want to attend other parts of the Summer Institute as well or want
   complete information about lectures/courses/workshops offered at FISI-CS,
   please refer to the comprehensive FISI-CS brochure which is available via
   anonymous ftp from `' ( in file
   `/users/rapaport/fisi-brochure'. In case you cannot retrieve the brochure
   via ftp please send e-mail to .


Hans Chalupsky
William J. Rapaport
Stuart C. Shapiro


Deadline for paper submissions: June 6, 1994
Notification of acceptance: Early July
E-mail notification about your intent to attend: As soon as possible,
but please no later than July 1, 1994.

Early registration for full FISI-CS session (4 weeks): April 30, 1994


 FISI-CS                        PAYMENT FORM                            FORM C

 NAME: _____________________________________________________________________
       Dr./Mr./Ms.    Last                  First               Middle

                                                 Student/Faculty      Corporate
 FULL Session (to register for the entire 4 weeks)
 Circle the applicable amount.  (Books and course materials are not included.)
 Advance Registration (payment in full, postmarked on or before April 30, 1994)

                                                 $  750.00            $ 1800.00

 LATE Registration (postmarked after April 30, 1994)
                                                 $  850.00            $ 2000.00

 PARTIAL Registration (per week) (NO academic credit given)
 (1 week registration can include either associated weekend):
 _____ Weeks X $350.00 for Faculty and Students  $ _______
 _____ Weeks X $650.00 for Corporate Affiliates                       $ _______
 Circle weeks attending: Wk1: 7/5-9, Wk2: 7/10-16, Wk3: 7/17-23, Wk4: 7/24-30

 (total number of credits minus 3) X $150.00     $ _______            $ _______

 UNIVERSITY FEE                                  $   12.50            $   12.50

 Governors Residence Halls, University at Buffalo
 _____ Weeks X $140.00, Single Occupancy Room    $ _______            $ _______
 _____ Weeks X $110.00 X ____ persons
       for a Double Occupancy                    $ _______            $ _______
 Roommate preference:____________________________

 Includes 3 buffet-style meals per day at an on-campus dining facility.
 Meals will be served Monday through Friday.
 _____ Weeks X $85.00                            $ _______            $ _______

 A 2-meal (brunch & dinner) option is also available for weekends (Sat-Sun).
 _____ Weekends X $30.00                         $ _______            $ _______

 TOTAL FEES DUE                                  $ _______            $ _______

 TOTAL U.S. FUNDS ACCOMPANYING THIS FORM         $ _______            $ _______

 A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required for registration, unless you are
 paying in full.  If you are making a partial payment, then you must send a
 minimum of $100.00 to be used as a deposit to hold your place at the Institute.

 BALANCE DUE                                     $ _______            $ _______

 _____ Check/Money Order (in US FUNDS) enclosed and made payable to
       U.B. FOUNDATION (Federal ID No. 16-1372561)

 _____ Credit Card:   _____ Visa _____ MasterCard
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 Name (as it appears on card): ________________________________________________
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