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From: (Monica)
Subject:  First Conference on Foundations of Information Science, Madrid Spain
Date:     21 Apr 1994 12:35:36 -0500

 ============  (From Computers and Quantum Physics to Cells, Nervous
                 Systems and Societies)


                         CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

         To be held in Madrid (Spain) on July 11-15, 1994, at
         the University "Carlos III de Madrid", Avda. Madrid
         107, Getafe, Madrid, Spain.

         Organized by University "Carlos III de Madrid" and
         University of Zaragoza.

                 During recent decades the increasing knoledge of both
         the internal mechanisms of living beings and technologies have
         had a tremendous impact on the scientific enterprise itself.
         A number of scientific and technologically related new fields
         have arisen in the orbit of molecular biology and artificial
         intelligence, such as biocomputing and molecular computing,
         computational biology, artificial life nanotechnologies,
         biomimic... Futhermore, the content of many other disciplines
         have been dramatically altered by the influence of both
         computers and molecular biology.
                 In this conference can be discussed the possibility of
         and interdisciplinary body of computational (informational)
         terms to be applied to the analysis of three fundamental
         "societies". First, the "society of enzimes", with the
         organization and fundamental properties of the simplest cellular
         systems, second, the "society of neurons" with the processing
         in the vertebrate brain, or more in general, the "society of
         cells" and the integration of processes in organisms, and third,
         the "society of individuals" with the organization and
         interaction of human societies (partially including ecosystems
         and animal societies).
                 From an informational perspective, the three societies
         have many traits in common. The whole operation, survival,
         reproduction, etc, is only possible though an extraordinary
         flux of informational processes and operations exchanged among
         their contituent members. How these societies have specialized
         the functions of their individual agents, how they integrate
         these, and also how they manage to accumulate the necessary
         knoledge for establishing "meta-dynamic" processes (self-
         modification), and how they evolve (and evolve their evolvability)
         are only but a few of the informational problems and solutions
         that this entities have to manage. Is in this special developement
         of collective operations where we can find, abstracting
         completely its particular nature, the naked substance of
         "information", the potential source of a new discipline.

                 11-07-94: Opening Session
                 12-04-94: Information and the fundamental Concepts of
                           Physics and Computer Sciences.
                 13-07-94: The Society of Enzimes-the Cell.
                 14-04-94: The Society of Cells-Nervous Systems, Organisms
                           and Ecosystems
                 15-07-94: The Society of individuals.

                 Papers and posters will be reviewed by the scientific
         commitee and all the authors will be informed at the end of
         the review process. The papers (three copies) must not excced
         six typewriten pages and should be writen in English.

                 Papers and/or registration form should be sent to
         A. Sanchis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, C/Butarque 15,
         28911-Leganes-Madrid (Spain).

                 The registration fees are 20000 pts and 10000 pts for
         students. Payment by transfer or check to the acount of
         Caja de Madrid, Suc. 2038, C/ Avda. Juan de la Cierva S/N,
         28902-Getafe-Madrid, Cod Ag 2452, acount number 6000085134
         with the reference OR3.

                 For additional information, write or fax to A. Sanchis
         fax: 34-1-6-24-94-23