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From: (R. Uthurusamy CS/50)
Subject:  ANZIIS-94 Call for Papers
Date:     26 Apr 1994 03:53:58 GMT


               Second Australian and New Zealand Conference
                    on Intelligent Information Systems

                     Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

                      29 November - 2 December 1994

Tutorials:     29 November, 
Conference:    30 November - 2 December 1994

Major fields:  Artificial Intelligence
               Fuzzy Systems
               Neural Networks
               Evolutionary Computation

The Second Australian and New Zealand Conference on Intelligent Information 
Systems (ANZIIS-94) will be held in Brisbane, from 29 November to 2 December 
1994.  This follows the successful inaugural conference, ANZIIS-93, held in 
Perth in December 1993.  The Conference will offer an international forum 
for discussion of new research on the key methods of intelligent information
processing: conventional artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, artificial 
neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms.

The conference will include invited keynote presentations and contributed 
papers in oral and poster presentations. All papers will be refereed and 
published in the proceedings.


The Organising Programme Committee cordially invites proposals for tutorials 
and special interest sessions relevant to the scope of the conference. 
Proposals should include details of the proponent including mailing, e-mail 
and fax addresses, and research record. 


Brisbane is a cosmopolitan and pleasant subtropical city. It is the heart of 
the vibrant south-east Queensland region that streches over 200 Km from the 
Gold to the Sunshine Coasts. It is not only a focal point for national and 
international tourists but tens of thousands Australians every year decide 
to set up home here. We recommed conference participants to set aside a few 
extra days to explore the region, either on their own leisure or by taking 
part in the special pre and post conference activities to be announced.  

Application areas will include, but will not be limited to:

Adaptive Systems
Artificial Life
Autonomous Vehicles
Data Analysis
Factory Automation
Financial Markets
Intelligent Databases
Knowledge Engineering
Machine Vision
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning 
Neurobiological Systems
Control Systems
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Sensorimotor Systems
Signal Processing
Speech Processing
Virtual Reality


ANZIIS-94 Secretariat
School of Computing Science
Queensland University of Technology
GPO Box 2434
Brisbane, Q 4001, Australia. 

Telephone: + 61 7 864 2925
Fax:       + 61 7 864 1801


For the speedy processing of the papers authors are requested to submit their 
contributions camera-ready on paper and by mail only. Papers should be laser 
printed on A4 size pages with 25 mm margins on all four sides using a Roman 
font not smaller than 10 points. The maximum allowed length of an article is
5 pages. The paper should be set in two column format, using the LaTex 
"article" style or following the style of the IEEE Transaction journals. 
The papers should contain an abstract and the complete mailing addresses 
of the authors. Papers will be reviewed internationally. Accepted articles 
will be published as submitted, as there is no opportunity for revision. 
Only those papers for which the presenting author has registered as a 
conference delegate will be printed in the proceedings. Extra copies of 
the Proceedings will be marketed through the IEEE book brokerage program. 


Papers due: 15 July 1994
Tutorial proposals due: 15 July 1994
Notification of acceptance: 15 September 1994
Registration for authors due: 1 October 1994

FEES                                  before 1 Oct      after 1 Oct
----                                  ------------      -----------
Member of IEEE/IEAust/ACS                A$400            A$450
Other                                    A$450            A$500
Student member of  IEEE/IEAust/ACS       A$150            A$200
Other Student                            A$200            A$250


The conference programme will meet the requirements  of the Australian 
Government Training Levy for inclusion in an employer's training programme.

ANZIIS-94  ORGANISED  BY : IEEE Australia Council
                           IEEE New Zealand Council
                           IEEE Queensland Section

IN CO-OPERATION WITH     : IEAust - The Institution of Engineers, Australia
                           Australian Computer Society
                           Queensland University of Technology - 
                             School of Computing Science 


Dr. J. Sitte, Queensland University of Technology
General Conference Chair 

Dr. W. Boles, Queensland University of Technology
Mr. S. Ellis, IEEE Queensland Section
Dr. S. Geva, Queensland University of Technology
Mr. R. Prandolini, IEEE Queensland Chapter
Ms. R. Sitte, Griffith University - Nathan
Mr. C. Thorne, Griffith University - Gold Coast
Dr. R. Zurawski,  Swinburne University of Technology

Prof.Y.Attikiouzel, University of Western Australia 
Advisory Committe Chair

Dr. Nicola Kasabov,  University of Otago
New Zealand Liaison Chair


Dr.   J. Andreae, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Prof. S. Bang, Pohang Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Prof. B. Boashash, Queensland University of Technology, Australia 
Ms.   A. Bowles, BHP Research Laboratories, Australia
Prof. T. Caelli, University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. L. Cahill, La Trobe University, Australia
Dr.   Duncan Campbell, La Trobe University, Australia
Dr.   G. Coghill, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Prof. A. Constantinides, Imperial College, U.K.
Dr.   J. Cybulski, La Trobe University, Australia
Prof. T. Dillon, La Trobe University,Australia
Prof. T. Downs, University of Queensland, Australia 
Prof. R. Evans, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. N. Foo, University of Sydney, Australia
Prof. T. Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan 
Prof. R. Hodgson, Massey University, New Zealand
Mr.   A. Horsfall, Fujitsu Australia Ltd., Australia
Prof. H. Hsu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Prof. R. Jarvis, Monash University, Australia
Dr.   A. Jennings, Telecom Research Laboratories, Australia
Dr.   J. Kacprzyk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Prof. S. Kollias, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Prof. B. Kosko, University of Southern California, USA
Dr.   A. Kowalczyk, Telecom Research Laboratories
Dr.   H.C. Lui, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Prof. T. Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Dr.   J. Morris, University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr.   D. Nandagopal, DSTO, Australia
Prof. T. Nguyen, University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr.   M. Palaniswami, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. L. Patnaik, Indian Institute of Science, India
Dr.   P.K. Simpson, Orincon Corp., San Diego, USA
Prof. A.C. Tsoi, University of Queensland, Australia 
Dr.   R. Uthurusamy,  GM Research Labs. USA  
Prof. A. Venetsanopoulos, University of Toronto, Canada
Prof. K. Wong, The University of Western Australia, Austrlia
Dr.   A. Zomaya, The University of Western Australia, Austrlia
Prof. J. Zurada, University of Louisville, USA