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From: (Larry)
Subject:  ARD-94 CFP
Date:     Tue, 17 May 1994 00:56:45 GMT

                      Call  for  Participation
                 Second  Automated  Reasoning  Day
       September  24-25,  1994,  Bribie  Island,  Qld.,  Australia

The second Automated Reasoning Day will take place at Bribie
Island (about 100 Kilo meters north from Brisbane) organised by
the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group at the
School of Computing and Information Technology, Griffith
University.  This two day workshop aims to bring together
researchers, especially from Australian Universities and Research
and Development Institutes, interested in formal and empirical
studies of automated reasoning systems and their practical

Prospective participants should submit an extended abstract (up
to 5 single spaced pages) of the published/unpublished/in-progress 
papers, which they intend to present, on any aspects of automated 
reasoning.  Those who wish to participate but do not intend to 
present their work must submit a one-page statement of their 
research interests, providing pointers to any relevant previous 
work.  Typical areas include (but are not limited to):

         Theorem proving, para-consistent logics, intention
         logics (such as temporal, epistemic and modal logics),
         structural and combinatory logic, abductive
         reasoning, nonmonotonic reasoning, rational agent
         architectures, belief revision, constraint satisfaction,
         logic programming, term rewriting systems etc.

All submissions should include an email address, a telephone/fax
number and a mailing address.  Prospective participants may
contact members of the organising committee for any further
questions or comments.  All submissions should be sent either by
electronic mail to:
or by hard copy to:

         Abdul Sattar
         School of Computing and Information Technology
         Griffith University
         Nathan, Brisbane (Qld.)  AUSTRALIA 4111

The extended abstracts of presentations will be made available as 
workshop notes to all participants.  We plan to edit these notes 
in the form of a research report.  We intend to keep the number of 
participants to be 40.

There will be no registration fee.  We hope to partially support
presenters and student participants.

Invited  Speakers:   We expect at least two internationally
known invited speakers.

Important  Dates:

Deadline for Submission: 15 August 1994
Notification to Participants: 1 September 1994

Organizing  Committee:

  David Billington
        Griffith University
  Roderic Girle (Co-chair)
        Griffith University
  Richard Hagen
        Griffith University
  Abdul Sattar (Co-chair)
        Griffith University
  Larry Stewart-Zerba
        Griffith University