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From: (R. Sridhar)
Subject:  CFP: 3rd Associative Processing and Applications Workshop 1994
Date:     20 May 1994 11:37:14 -0500

                              CALL FOR PAPERS

                  Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

               Wednesday August 10 to Friday August 12, 1994

                               Sponsored by

                   The Syracuse University CASE Center
                 The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The goal of this Workshop is to promote interaction among researchers
interested in the most recent technological advances relevant to
associative processing.  As in the previous two Workshops, we seek an
international gathering of researchers from academia and industry whose
work involves the design, analysis, development, and application of
associative processors and content addressable memories.  To encourage
authors to report on work in progress, the Workshop format is kept

Detailed abstracts of technical papers in all areas of associative
processing are invited.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

   * Architectures - Simulated or experimental results from chips to
      entire systems, trade-off studies
   * Physical design - CAM cell design, CAM chip design, silicon
   * Interfaces - Von Neumann/associative, special controllers, etc.
   * Applications - Either implemented, or under development
   * Software models of associative processors - Functional, stochastic
   * Algorithm analysis - Time complexity, hardware requirements
   * Programming paradigms - Software development environments, tools,
      languages, high level languages to associate memory compilers
   * Program mappings - Techniques for mapping problems and algorithms
      to associative machines and associative memories

Attendance will be limited to ensure time for interaction among the
workshop participants.


Authors are invited to send six (6) copies of an extended abstract to be
received by June 7, 1994.  Abstracts are restricted to no more than 5
double-spaced pages (1500 words), not including bibliography or figures.
Abstracts must include a cover letter with the following information:
title of paper, full names of authors, postal and E-mail addresses of
the authors, phone and FAX numbers, and keywords indicative of the theme
of the paper.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by July 8, 1994.  Full papers or
updated abstracts can be submitted for inclusion in the proceedings no
later than July 25.  Proceedings will be distributed at the workshop.

All submissions and inquiries for further information should be
directed to:

   General Chair:                     Program chair:
      Ramalingam Sridhar                 J. David Bezek, M/D 0313
      SUNY at Buffalo                    LORAL Federal Systems Co.- Owego
      135 Bell Hall                      1801 State Road 17C
      Buffalo, New York  14260           Owego, New York   13827-3998
      (716) 645-3113                     (607) 751-4854 

                         WORKSHOP LOCATION and FEE

The workshop will be held at the CASE center, which is located in the

Center for Science and Technology on the Syracuse University campus.  The
cost will be $100 per attendee and includes:

     * "Get-Acquainted" reception on Wednesday, August 10
     * Luncheon on Thursday, August 11
     * Refreshments
     * Copy of the proceedings

                             PROGRAM COMMITTEE

  Bruce Berra, CASE Center/SU
  Eby Friedman, University of Rochester
  J. Storrs Hall, Rutgers University
  John Oldfield, Syracuse University
  Behrooz Parhami, University of California
  Jerry Potter, Kent State University
  Charles Sodini, Massachusettes Institute of Technology
  Chuck Stormon, Coherent Research Inc.
  Kirk Twardowski, Loral Federal Systems - Owego
  Klaus Waldschmidt, Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet, Germany

email: internet: