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From: (Charles Tremewen)
Subject:  MultiComm'94 - Call for Papers
Date:     25 May 1994 23:36:47 GMT

             CALL FOR PAPERS

 *              MULTICOMM '94             *                                
 *     Exploring Multimedia Solutions     *
 *       in Business and Education        *
 *                                        *
 *         November 2 & 3,  1994          *
 *                                        *
 *          The Westin Bayshore           *
 *  Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA   *

Hosted by The University of British Columbia 
          Continuing Studies
         In association with 
     The International Interactive 
      Communications Association.

   Call for Papers & Presentations

MultiComm `94 Conference Theme:
Advancing the Art of Communications Through the New Media.

Conference Description:
Information and communication are becoming more and more 
important in today's changing world.  Existing technology 
promises innovative solutions for the future.  The changes 
that lie ahead are going to dramatically affect the ways we 
work, learn and communicate.  This informative two day 
conference will identify how multimedia solutions available 
today are influencing these areas.  Conference topics will 
include, but are not be limited to, leading-edge solutions in 
the following areas:

* Corporate training and communications
* Education and research
* The arts
* The classroom of the future
* CD-ROM publishing
* On-line information, distribution and the Information 
* The telecommunication industry
* Production, marketing and copyright
* Technology integration

In keeping with the conference subject, presenters are 
encouraged to use multimedia in their presentations.  
Presentations will be 45 minutes long with a 15 minute break 
between each session.

Information for Authors:
Authors must submit copies of their manuscripts in hard copy 
or by E-mail.  They must include a one-paragraph abstract with 
keywords and a one-paragraph biography.  Each paper must be 
accompanied by an audio-visual plan and a submission letter 
that indicates to which one or two conference areas the topic 
is most relevant.  Authors will be notified of acceptance 
after July 1, 1994.  Upon acceptance of their paper, authors 
will be asked submit copies of their paper for the proceedings 
in hard copy duplicate and on diskette.  A scanned personal 
photograph is optional.

The Audio-Visual Plan:
Each submission must include a detailed audio visual plan that 
identifies equipment that will be provided and the equipment 
that will be required.  Details will include such things as 
descriptions of computers along with audio and video card 
outputs, video resolutions, colour requirements and a full 
schematic of the required equipment set-up (listing all cable 
connection requirements for audio, video, and power).  All 
selected presenters will be required to set-up equipment the 
day prior to the conference in the A/V preview room to assure 
the presentation's integrity.  It is recommended that each 
presenter provide as much of their own equipment as possible.  
Arrangements must be made in advance with the conference chair 
regarding specialized equipment requests.

Submission Deadline:
Papers are to be forwarded to the Conference Chair by noon 
(PST) of June 30, 1994.  The conference advisory will complete selection by
July 15, 1994 (for preliminary brochure) and each accepted author will be
notified on or shortly thereafter that date.

Concurrent Sessions by"Young Producers"
This year the advisory ihas decided to offer a special series 
of concurrent sessions that will be open to the category of 
"Young Producers" . This is in recognition of the growing 
number of young, talented producers in the school system 
(grades 7-12 (13)).  Each of these submissions must conform 
with the above requirements but are to be submitted to the 
conference advisory by the producer's instructor and should 
judged as a best of school/district .  For more details on 
this program please contact the Conference Chair at (604) 

Vendor Exposition:
Leading multimedia vendors are encouraged to participate in 
the "Vendor Expo" which will be occuring throughout the 
conference.  For a details on booth information , costs etc.,  
please contact the conference centre at the address below and 
request the " MultiComm `94 Vendor Kit" package.

Submit Papers to:
MultiComm '94
The University of British Columbia
5997 Iona Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z1  
Attn: Conference Chair

Phone: (604)822-0692 or 222-5256        
FAX: (604) 822-0694 or 222-5249

Conference Chair:  Charles Tremewen, University of British 
Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.