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From:     Blake Hannaford 
Subject:  CONF: Vrais-95 NEW DEADLINE: Aug 15, 1994
Date:     Mon, 23 May 1994 17:35:02 GMT


The IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium 

UPDATE:  5/20/94

The deadline for submitting technical papers, videos, or tutorial proposals
to VRAIS '95 has been revised to

                August 15, 1994

In addition, the Program Committee now solicits proposals for panel
sessions, to be held during the main conference, and small, informal
workshops, which could be held during the tutorials weekend.  Proposals for
panel sessions or workshops are also due August 15.  All types of
submissions are to be mailed to:

        Meeting Management
        2603 Main Street, Suite 690
        Irvine, California 92714     


The program committee invites you to submit proposals for panel sessions to
be held during the conference.  The proposal should include a title for the
panel session and a brief description of the overall issues to be discussed,
together with an abstract of each panelist's presentation, and the
address/phone/fax/email information for the panel's proposer/organizer.


The program committee invites proposals for small, informal workshops on
narrowly focused topics in VR, which could be held during the tutorials
weekend before the main conference.  Workshop proposals should include
address/phone/fax/email information for the organizers, and a description of
the themes, goals, and planned activities of the workshop.  Note that the
organizing committee will charge an additional registration fee to the
attendees of any workshop sufficient to recover its costs.


For more information send email to the automated VRAIS information robot:

or to the VRAIS '95 general chair, David Mizell,


Blake Hannaford
University of Washington