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From: (S. Kerpedjiev)
Subject:  Int. Summer School in Cognitive Science
Date:     Fri, 27 May 1994 00:21:44 GMT

                         COGNITIVE SCIENCE
                    Sofia, September 12-24, 1994

The Summer School features introductory and advanced courses in Cognitive
Science, participant symposia, discussions, and student sessions.
Participants will include university teachers and researchers, graduate
and senior undergraduate students.

International Advisory Board

Elizabeth BATES (University of California at San Diego, USA)
Amedeo CAPPELLI (CNR, Pisa, Italy)
Cristiano CASTELFRANCHI (CNR, Roma, Italy)
Daniel DENNETT (Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA)
Ennio De RENZI (University of Modena, Italy)
Charles DE WEERT (University of Nijmegen, Holland )
Christian FREKSA (Hamburg University, Germany)
Dedre GENTNER (Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA)
Christopher HABEL (Hamburg University, Germany)
Joachim HOHNSBEIN (Dortmund University, Germany)
Douglas HOFSTADTER (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA)
Keith HOLYOAK (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)
Mark KEANE (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
Alan LESGOLD (University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
Willem LEVELT (Max-Plank Institute of Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Holland)
David RUMELHART (Stanford University, California, USA)
Richard SHIFFRIN (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA)
Paul SMOLENSKY (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
Chris THORNTON (University of Sussex, Brighton, England)
Carlo UMILTA' (University of Padova, Italy)

Local Organizers

New Bulgarian University
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Bulgarian Cognitive Science Society

Local Organizing Committee

Boicho Kokinov -  School Director
Lilia Gurova, Vesselin Zaimov, Vassil Nikolov, Lora Likova,
Marina Yoveva, Pasha Nikolova


Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
Christian Freksa (Hamburg University, Germany)

Computer Models of Analogy-Making
Bob French (Indiana University, USA)

Social Cognition
Rosaria Conte (CNR, Roma, Italy)

Multi-Agent Systems
Iain Craig (University of Warwick, England)

Cognitive Aspects of Language Processing
Amedeo Cappelli (CNR, Pisa, Italy)

Catastrophic Forgetting in Connectionist Networks
Bob French (Indiana University, USA)

Dynamic Networks for Cognitive Modeling
Peter Braspenning (University of Limburg, Holland)

Models of Brain Functions
Andre Holley (CNRS, Lyon, France)

Foundations of Cognitive Science
Encho Gerganov, Naum Yakimov, Boicho Kokinov, Viktor Grilihes (New
Bulgarian University, Bulgaria)

Participant Symposia

Participants are invited to submit papers which will be presented (30 min)
at the participant symposia. Authors should send full papers (8 single
spaced pages) in thriplicate or electronically (postcript, RTF, or
plain ASCII) by July 30. Selected papers will be published in the
School's Proceedings after the School itself. Only papers presented
at the School will be eligible for publishing.

Panel Discussions

Integration of Methods and Approaches in Cognitive Science
Trends in Cognitive Science Research

Student Session

At the student session proposals for M.Sc. Theses and Ph.D. Theses will be
discussed as well as public defence of such theses (if presented).

Fees (including participation, board and lodging)

Advance Registration (payment in full, postmarked on or before June 15):
Late Registration (postmarked after June 15):                           

The fees should be transferred to the New Bulgarian University (for the
Cognitive Science Summer School) at the Economic Bank (65 Maria Luisa Str.,
Sofia) -  bank account 911422735300-8 or paid at registration.

A very limited number of grants for partial support of participants from
European countries is available.

Important dates:

Send Application Form: now
Deadline for Advance Registration: June 15
Deadline for Paper Submission: July 15

Inquiries, Applications, and Paper Submission to be send to:

Boicho Kokinov
Cognitive Science Department
New Bulgarian University
54, G.M.Dimitrov blvd.
Sofia 1125, Bulgaria
fax: (+3592) 73-14-95
e-mail:   or   kokinov@bgearn.bitnet

Parallel Events

The International Conference in Artificial Intelligence - AIMSA'94 -
will be held in Sofia in the period September 21-24.

Summer School on Information Technologies - will be held in Sofia in
the period September 16-20.


           International Summer School in Cognitive Science
                      Sofia, September 12-24, 1994

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