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From: (Kasper Osterbye)
Date:     30 May 1994 12:20:49 GMT


                         in connection with ECHT'94

                      Edinburgh, September 18-23, 1994
                          CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                     POSITION PAPER DEADLINE JULY 15th. 

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There is growing consensus that hypermedia systems should be based on open
architectures, allowing for easy and flexible integration of new media
types, heterogeneous information repositories, and advanced presentation
technology.  The workshop will investigate different approaches to creating
open hypermedia systems, and will attempt to present a differentiated view
on what open hypermedia system are.
The goal of this workshop is to identify issues in creating open hypermedia
systems.  By the end of the workshop, we hope to be able to identify
different conceptual architectures around which open hypermedia systems can
be built and to get a better understanding of exactly what is required of a
third party application intended to participate in a specific type of open
hypermedia system architecture.  It is our hope that the workshop will give
the area of open hypermedia systems the same boost as the Dexter model gave
the area of monolithic hypermedia system architectures and data models.

To ensure that the group is small enough for open interchange, the workshop
is limited to 20 participants.  These participants are chosen ahead of time
on the basis of position papers sent to the workshop organizers.  Position
papers should be 3-5 pages in length and should clearly state the author's
view of important results or research topics that should be addressed at
the workshop.  Electronic submission of postscript papers is preferred, but
plain ascii email or paper will be accepted.
Besides position papers, some of the leading researchers in the area will
be invited to present their research.  These presentations will serve as a
foundation for the discussions at the workshop.

Position papers and invited papers will be published as a technical report
from Aalborg University and distributed to workshop participants before the
workshop.  The results of the workshop will be published either as an
Aalborg University technical report or as a journal paper (e.g.,

Workshop attendees are expected to participate actively, to ensure that this
forum advances the state of the art. Participants will be expected to be
familiar with all materials sent as preparation for the workshop, and to
participate actively in the workshop discussions. Attendees may be asked to 
give short presentations that will serve as bases for discussion.
The workshop is scheduled to last two days, with the following tentative

Day 1 - (we are not yet sure if we will start Sunday 18th, or Monday 19th)

 9:00   Welcome
 9:30   Presentations by invited speakers
10:30   Coffee break
10:45   Presentations by invited speakers
12:30   Lunch break
14:00   Topics
15:45   Coffee break
16:00   Topics
17:30   End of day 1

Day 2
 9:00   Topics
10:30   Coffee break
10:45   Topics
12:30   Lunch break
14:00   Conclusions 1
15:45   Coffee break
16:00   Conclusions 2
17:30   End of day 2

The first morning will be used to present and understand existing ideas and
approaches.  Based on this, we move on and discuss in relative detail
topics in open hypermedia systems.  At the end of the second day, we should
try to condense the discussions into recommendations for future research,
and attempt to define the differences between proposed and existing models.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

o Experiences with integration of third party applications
o Requirements for third party application developers
o Requirements for the underlying operating system and hardware platform
o Functionality and layers of open hypermedia platforms:
	- run-time support and linking protocols
	- data models and storage
	- system architectures

Send position papers to:

Kasper Osterbye or Uffe Kock Wiil
Coordinators, ECHT'94 Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems
Aalborg University
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7E
9220 Aalborg O
phone +45 9815 8522
fax   +45 9815 8129
email: echt94-workshops
Kasper Osterbye                        Internet:
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