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From: (W.Strang)
Subject:  HYPERMEDIA AT WORK - Conference Jan 95
Date:     Tue, 31 May 94 09:22:43 GMT

HYPERMEDIA AT WORK - Practice and Theory in Higher Education

10 - 12 January, 1995
(Pre-conference tutorial sessions 9 - 10 January)

Hosted by the University of Kent at Canterbury, England

in association with 

(Staff and Educational Development Association)




Interest in using hypermedia for teaching and learning 
in higher education has never been greater.  More and 
more development projects are now ready to deliver 
hypermedia courseware for use by the higher education 
community.  Staff who want to use these materials must 
look to the skills and expertise of those with experience
to explore and try to resolve the issues raised by 
the introduction of hypermedia into the learning cycle.


"Hypermedia at Work" will provide an international forum 
bringing together skilled hypermedia developers and 
practitioners and those who are keen to find out more 
about the potential for hypermedia in the context of 
higher education.  The conference will consist of plenary
talks, workshop sessions, tutorials, papers and
demonstrations.  Issues covered will be -

1  The practical use of hypermedia applications in the 

2  Theoretical principles, drawn from experience, in the 
   use of hypermedia for learning 

3  Shared, cross disciplinary experiences and discipline
   specific views.  

Keynote speakers will be 

Professor Peter Brown (University of Kent)
Dr Wendy Hall (University of Southampton).
Professor George Landow (Brown University)
Professor Terry Mayes (Heriot-Watt University)
Elli Mylonas (Perseus Project, Harvard)

The after-dinner speaker on the evening of the Conference 
Dinner will be Professor John Slater from the University 
of Kent.

Pre-conference tutorials will be available for those who 
want to find out more about the basic facts, features and
functionality of hypertext and hypermedia.  This will 
better equip them to join the main conference with its 
themes of the principles and practice of using the 
technology for learning.


Dr Wendy Hall, Su White, University of Southampton
Dr Marilyn Deegan, University of Oxford
Wilma Strang, University of Kent
SEDA Conference Committee Representative


Contributions are invited in the form of papers,
demonstrations and posters from participants who can share
their experiences of using and/or developing hypermedia
applications for learning.  Papers should detail clear
principles and conclusions drawn from practice.

Acceptance of contributions will be by abstract - clearly
marked Paper, Demonstration or Poster.  Abstracts should be
500 - 1000 words in length and must be received by 31 July

Conference participants will receive a book of abstracts.
A set of proceeding will be published following the 

Abstracts - paper or email - should be sent to 

Hypertext Support Unit
Computing Laboratory
University of Kent
Tel 0227 764000 Ext 3552
Fax 0227 762811



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