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From:     Kim Guldstrand Larsen 
Subject:  Nordic Workshop on Program Correctness 94
Date:     Mon, 6 Jun 1994 12:42:53 +0200

               First Announcement and Call for Participation


                    Aarhus, Denmark, 17-19 October 1994

The objective of  the workshop is  to bring  together researchers from
the  Nordic and Baltic  countries interested in programming theory, in
order  to improve mutual contacts and  cooperation.  Typical topics of
the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  -  Semantics of programs
  -  Programming logics
  -  Program verification
  -  Formal specification of programs
  -  Program synthesis
  -  Program transformation and program refinement
  -  Modeling of concurrency
  -  Programming methods
  -  Tools for program construction and verification

The workshop   will  mainly consist  of  30-minute   presentations, in
parallel  sessions; between  these there will    be time for  informal
discussions  between  participants.   Participants are  encouraged  to
present work in progress.

A collection of abstracts of presentations  will be distributed at the
start of the  workshop.  Selected participants,  based on the  quality
and  topic of the presentations at   the workshop, will  be invited to
submit a  full paper  for the Nordic  Journal  of Computing after  the
workshop.  The proceedings will be published as a technical report.

The  following   speakers have accepted   to   give 60-minute  invited
presentations at the workshop:

  *  Matthew Hennessy (tentative)
  *  Ib Holm Soerensen

A further invited speaker is being arranged. The workshop is organized
by  BRICS, the  recently-established  Centre   for Basic Research   in
Computer  Science at the Universities of  Aarhus and Aalborg.  It will
be held in Aarhus, starting at  9:00 on Monday  17 October, and ending
mid-afternoon on Wednesday 19 October.

PARTICIPATION: Please register as soon as possible, and by 5 September
at the  latest, using  the attached  form.    N.B. Attendance  at  the
workshop is limited  to  75 participants: register  early to  ensure a
place!  Registrations  will be  accepted on a  first-come-first-served

SUBMISSION:  If you wish  to give  a   presentation, please  enclose a
one-page  abstract  of the talk.   In  the event  that  the  number of
proposed talks  exceeds the number  of  slots available, the Programme
Committee  will make a  selection, based  on the submitted  abstracts.
The programme for  the workshop will  be distributed  by 19 September.
(Those who  submit  abstracts that  are not selected  for presentation
will be able to  cancel their registration  and obtain a refund of the

DEMONSTRATIONS: If you   wish to demonstrate a non-commercial   system
that is  related to the workshop topics,  please specify what hardware
and  software   is required, and  enclose a   one-page summary  of the
system.  Note that demonstrations will  only be organized if there  is
sufficient demand.

ACCOMMODATION: is available  in the building where  the workshop is to
be held: a   medium-class   hotel on  the   University   campus.   For
information about fees, see the registration form.  We hope to be able
to  reduce  the fees  for students and   participants  from the Baltic
countries.   Please   indicate on  the registration   form if  you are
eligible for this kind of support.

TRAVEL: Aarhus   may  be reached  by  direct flights  from Copenhagen,
London,   Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm and  Gothenburg.   The airport is
Aarhus/Tirstrup, some 50  km   from Aarhus.  There are   also frequent
train connections   between Aarhus and Copenhagen.   Participants will
receive  further travel  information   together with confirmation   of


Kim G. Larsen     Aalborg Univ., Denmark           (
Peter D. Mosses   Univ.  of Aarhus, Denmark        (
Ralph-Johan Back  Abo Akademi, Finland             (
Reino Kurki-Suoni Tampere Univ.  of Tech., Finland (
Sigurd Meldal     Univ.  of Bergen, Norway         (
Olaf Owe          Univ.  of Oslo, Norway           (
Bengt Jonsson     SICS/Uppsala Univ., Sweden       (
Bengt Nordstrom   Univ.  of Goteborg/
                  Chalmers Univ.  of Tech., Sweden (

LOCAL ORGANIZATION: Peter D. Mosses, Karen K. Moeller.

For further information or  in case of problems  concerning attendance
at the workshop, please send a message to the following address:

     BRICS -- NWPT
     Dept. of Computer Science
     University of Aarhus
     Ny Munkegade, Bldg. 540                 E-mail:
     DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark               Fax:     +45 8942 3255

                             Registration Form
                 6th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory

To register for the workshop, complete this form and send

     Dept. of Computer Science
     University of Aarhus
     Ny Munkegade, Bldg. 540                      E-mail:
     DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark                    Fax:     +45 8942 3255



Please mark with X the relevant [ ]'s below:

[ ]  I wish to give a presentation and enclose a one-page abstract.

[ ]  I wish to give a demonstration and enclose a one-page summary, together
     with a specification of hardware and software requirements

The participation fee includes refreshments, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, and the
workshop material.  With accommodation, it also includes breakfasts.
I request:

[ ]  accommodation in double room with bath (16-19 October)
     sharing with (or leave blank):                      per person 1450 DKK

[ ]  accommodation in single room with shared bath (16-19 October)  1700 DKK
     -- limited availability!

[ ]  participation without accommodation                             825 DKK

[ ]  I wish to extend the above accommodation for the night of 19 October
     (at 360 DKK in single room, 230 DKK per person in double room)      DKK

[ ]  Special requirements or dietary restrictions:

Payment:                                            Total Amount = _____ DKK

The fee must be made payable to:  ``University of Aarhus''.  Please include
your name and the following reference:  ``97-510.4903 BRICS-NWPT''.

[ ]  Eurocheque (included with this letter)

[ ]  Submitted to Danish postal giro account 7 04 22 64
     on date:                                                (copy enclosed)

[ ]  Bank transfer to account 4809 973700 (Den Danske Bank,
     Universitetsparkafd., Langelandsgade 177, DK-8200 Aarhus N)
     on date:                                                (copy enclosed)

Participants eligible for cost reduction may defer payment till the request
has been considered.
[ ]  I am eligible for cost reduction for the following reason:

Signed: ______________________