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From:     Bert Bredeweg 
Subject:  ASCII -- call QR95
Date:     Mon, 11 Jul 1994 16:34:20 +0200

Ninth International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning, 1995

May 16-19th, 1995 --- University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call for Papers

Following the continued success of the Qualitative Reasoning (QR)
Workshops, the ninth international workshop will be held at the
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Papers are
invited on any area with topics relevant to Qualitative Reasoning,
including (but not limited to):

- QR techniques
  (knowledge representations and problem solving methods)
  (E.g., qualitative simulation; ontologies; management of multiple
  models; reasoning over time; mathematical formalisation of QR;
  qualitative algebraic reasoning; qualitative dynamics).

- Knowledge acquisition
  (modelling knowledge into an existing QR technique)
  (E.g., model building tools and techniques; automated model
  construction and machine learning; acquisition from data)

- Task-level reasoning
  (E.g., design/planning; monitoring; diagnosis;
  explanation (using causal and teleological reasoning);
  tutoring and training; process control/supervision)

- QR issues in real applications
  (E.g., dealing with real-time; large scale models and scaling up in
  general; different knowledge sources; descriptions of real applications)

- Relation with other techniques
  (integrating other techniques with QR techniques)
  (E.g., fuzzy reasoning and uncertainty; quantitative models/methods;
  system dynamics and bond-graphs; signal processing and qualitative
  interpretation of numerical information)

- QR issues in `other' disciplines
  (E.g., chemistry; biology; medicine; physics;
  cognitive science; engineering; economics)

- Methodological issues
  (research concerning meta-level issues in QR)
  (E.g., classifying and relating QR approaches;
  evaluating QR approaches; criteria for selection of QR approaches)

Papers will be selected according to their quality, significance,
originality, and potential to generate discussion and will be
published as working papers only; no copyright will be requested.  A
paper must not exceed 5000 words (max. 12 pages), excluding references
and abstract. To promote an active discussion amongst participants,
attendance at the workshop will be by invitation only. People who wish
to attend the workshop without submitting a paper should send a letter
describing their background and research interests to the workshop chair
by the paper submission deadline. Limited financial assistance may be
available for students interested in attending.

Submission: Submit six copies (hard copy, no e-mail or fax) to:

    Bert Bredeweg (Program chair, QR '95)
    Social Science Informatics (S.W.I.)
    University of Amsterdam
    Roetersstraat 15                    
    1018 WB Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 - 20 - 525 6788/6789
    Fax: +31 - 20 - 525 6896

Program committee:

    Ivan Bratko            University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Bert Bredeweg          University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Adam Farquhar          K.S.L., Stanford University, USA
    Ken Forbus             Northwestern University, USA
    Yumi Iwasaki           K.S.L., Stanford University, USA
    Toyoaki Nishida        Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology, Japan
    Tetsuo Tomiyama        University of Tokyo, Japan
    Louise Trave-Massuyes  LAAS-CNRS, France
    Brian Williams         Xerox Parc, USA


    Submission deadline:   January 23, 1995
    Notifications sent:    March 6, 1995
    Camera-ready copy due: April 3, 1995
    Workshop:              May 16-19, 1995