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From:     Helene Kirchner 
Subject:  CCL94: Register nowcd ~/CCL94!
Date:     Tue, 26 Jul 1994 18:47:34 +0200 (MET DST)

      *** Early registrations must be received by 1 August! ***

		       First International Conference
			Technical University, Munich
			     September 7-9, 1994


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Constraints in Computational Logics (CCL) is a new conference dedicated to
all aspects of constraints in computer science, including knowledge
representation, multi-paradigm programming, rewriting, deduction, and
symbolic computation. It features a high-quality program of 21 refereed
contributions and 5 invited lectures by Max Dauchet, Dexter Kozen, Helmut
Simonis, Gert Smolka and Wayne Snyder.


			  TUESDAY, September 6

Registration                                     (17:00--19:00)
Welcome Reception                                (18:00--20:00)

			 WEDNESDAY, September 7

Registration                                       (8:00--9:00)
Welcome Address                                    (9:00--9:15)

Invited Lecture I                                 (9:15--10:15)
Chair: Jean-Pierre Jouannaud (Orsay)
Wayne Snyder (Boston): "Constraints in Automated Deduction"

Coffee Break                                     (10:15--10:45)

Session 1: Theorem Proving                       (10:45--12:15)
Chair: Harald Ganzinger (MPI)

10:45 "Local Simplification"
Christopher Lynch (Boston)

11:15 "Simplifying Clausal Satisfiability Problems"
Peter Barth (MPI)

11:45 "Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams and the 
       Davis-Putnam Procedure"
Tomas Uribe (Stanford) & Mark E. Stickel (SRI)

Lunch                                            (12:15--14:00)

Invited Lecture II                               (14:00--15:00)
Chair: Ugo Montanari (Pisa)
Gert Smolka (DFKI): "Concurrent Constraint Programming"

Session 2: Concurrent Constraint Programming     (15:00--16:00)
Chair: Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo (Madrid)

15:00 "Constraints for Polymorphic Behaviours of Concurrent ML"
Flemming Nielson & Hanne Riis Nielson (Aarhus)

15:30 "A Confluent Calculus for Higher-Order Concurrent
       Constraint Programming"
Joachim Niehren & Gert Smolka (DFKI)

Coffee Break                                     (16:00--16:30)

Session 3: Unification                           (16:30--18:00)
Chair: Claude Kirchner (Nancy)

16:30 "Modular AC Unification of Higher-Order Patterns"
Zhenyu Qian & Kang Wang (Bremen)

17:00 "Higher Order Disunification: Some Decidable Cases"
Denis Lugiez (Nancy)

17:30 "``Syntactic'' AC-unification"
Alexandre Boudet & Evelyne Contejean (Orsay)

			 THURSDAY, September 8

Invited Lecture III                               (9:00--10:00)
Chair: Mark Wallace (ECRC)

Helmut Simonis (COSYTEC): 
"Applications of Constraint Logic Programming"

Coffee Break                                     (10:00--10:30)

Session 4: Constraint Logic Programming          (10:30--12:30)
Chair: Mehmet Dincbas (COSYTEC)

10:30 "Repeated Redundant Inequalities in Constraint 
       Logic Programming"
Spiro Michaylov (Ohio)

11:00 "An Efficient Algorithm of Logic Programming with
       Constraint Hierarchy"
Tsutsumi Fujio (Tokyo)

11:30 "Application of Constraint Logic Programming for
       VLSI CAD Tools"
Renate Beckmann, Ulrich Bieker & Ingolf Markhof (Dortmund)

12:00 "Path Consistency in CLP(FD)"
Philippe Codognet (INRIA) & Giuseppe Nardiello (Padova)

Lunch                                            (12:30--14:00)

Invited Lecture IV                               (14:00--15:00)
Chair: Hubert Comon (Orsay)

Max Dauchet (Lille): "Symbolic Constraints and Tree Automata"

Session 5: Constraint Systems                    (15:00--16:00)
Chair: Gert Smolka (DFKI)

15:00 "A Record Calculus with Principal Types"
Andreas Hense (U. Saarbr"ucken) & Gert Smolka (DKFI)

15:30 "ECOLOG: an Environment for COnstraint LOGics"
Marianne Haberstrau (Orsay)

Coffee Break                                     (16:00--16:30)

Session 6: Term Rewriting                        (16:30--18:00)
Chair: Tobias Nipkow (TU M"unchen)

16:30 "On Modularity in Term Rewriting and Narrowing"
Christian Prehofer (TU M"unchen)

17:00 "Higher Order Conditional Rewriting and Narrowing"
J"urgen Avenhaus & Carlos Loria-Saenz (Kaiserslautern)

17:30 "Buchberger's Algorithm: a Constraint-Based 
       Completion Procedure"
Leo Bachmair (Stony Brook) & Harald Ganzinger (MPI)

Conference Dinner                                      (19:30)

			  FRIDAY, September 9

Invited Lecture V                                 (9:00--10:00)
Chair: Leszek Pacholski (Wroclaw)
Dexter Kozen (Cornell): "Set Constraints and Logic Programming"

Coffee Break                                     (10:00--10:30)

Session 7: Constraint Systems                    (10:30--12:30)
Chair: Klaus Schulz (LMU M"unchen)

10:30 "Set Constraints in Some Equational Theories"
Witold Charatonik (Wroclaw)

11:00 "How to Win a Game with Features"
Rolf Backofen & Ralf Treinen (DKFI)

11:30 "Some new Decidability Results on Positive and
       Negative Set Constraints"
Remi Gilleron, Sophie Tison & Marc Tommasi (Lille)

12:00 "Solving Simplification Ordering Constraints"
Patricia Johann (U Saarbr"ucken) & Rolf Socher-Ambrosius (FH Emden)


Conference Chair: Tobias Nipkow

Program Chair: Jean-Pierre Jouannaud

Publicity Chair: Helene Kircher

Program Committee: A. Aiba, A. Colmerauer, M. Dincbas, H. Ganzinger, 
S. Haridi, P. Van Hentenryck, J. Jaffar, J.-P. Jouannaud, 
C. Kirchner, D. Miller, U. Montanari, F. Orejas, L. Pacholski, 
F. Pfenning, M. Rodriguez-Artalejo, K. Schulz, M. Wallace


Please address registration form and inquiries to: 

     Anita Sch"on
     Fakult"at f"ur Informatik
     Technische Universit"at M"unchen
     D-80290 M"unchen

     Tel: +49 89 2105 8168 (Monday - Friday, 10:00-13:00)
     Fax: +49 89 2105 8169


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Registration without payment will not be considered.  For early
registration, payment must be received by 1 August.  Fees will be
returned in full for any written cancellation received before 1
August. No refund will be made after this date.

The registration fee includes conference participation, a copy of the
proceedings, coffee breaks, the welcome reception and the conference dinner.

The registration fee is DM 150 for early registration through 1 August
and DM 200 after that date.  All fees are in German currency, payable
with Eurocheque or by bank transfer.

Payment can be made by crossed Eurocheque payable to "Prof. Tobias
Nipkow", or by bank transfer to:
    Bank:           Hypo Bank M"unchen
    Bank code:      700 200 01
    Account no:     6410676212
    Account holder: Prof. Tobias Nipkow
    Intended use:   CCL94
    SWIFT code:     HYPO DE MM

Bank transfers should specify registrant's name.  Please ask your bank 
to arrange the transfer free of charges to the beneficiary.


A block of rooms has been reserved (until 1 July) at 

    Hotel Arcade
    Dachauer Str. 21
    80335 M"unchen

    Tel: +49 89 55 19 30
    Fax: +49 89 55 19 31 02

The cost of rooms is as follows (breakfast is included):

    Single room DM 125/night
    Double room DM 166/night

Reservations should be made by the participants directly with the Hotel.
Please mention "Constraints in Computational Logics" and, if possible,
include your credit card details to guarantee your reservation. The
Arcade Hotel is located downtown, 10 minutes walking distance from the
conference site.

Other arrangements can be made by contacting the Munich Tourist Office:

    Munich Tourist Office
    80313 M"unchen

    Tel: +49 89 23 235 (Mo.-Th. 9-3, Fr. 9-12.30)
    Fax: +49 89 23 313


Munich is located in the heart of Bavaria, at the south-east corner of
Germany. The city is home to 1.3 million people, and has excellent
museums, concert halls, and restaurants. The renowned beer gardens offer
a unique way for people to relax and meet friends. The famous
Oktoberfest begins September 17. Munich is close to the Bavarian Alps
and Austria.  The weather in early September is very pleasant, with
temperatures around 22 C. and a low likelihood of rain.

Munich offers superb access by air, rail, and road. The new Munich
International Airport has frequent flights to and from all major
cities. By rail, the city offers easy access to all major European

Upon registration you will receive more detailed information
on how to get to the hotel and the conference site.