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From:     brafman@om.Stanford.EDU (Ronen Brafman)
Subject:  NGITS 95
Date:     27 Jul 1994 18:09:44 GMT

				Call for Papers

				   NGITS '95

		    The Second International Workshop on
	     Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems
			      27 - 29 June 1995
			Hotel Carlton, Naharia, ISRAEL
	  Supported by the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
			   and the Neaman Institute
As information technology advances, requirements of and expectations from
information systems change rapidly.  This requires researchers and developers
to continuously focus on the next generation of information systems.

The NGITS Workshop provides an international forum for discussing issues and
solutions related exclusively to next generation information systems and the
technologies that would make them possible.

These issues include, but are not limited to:

o  Data and knowledge base challenges: advanced models and languages,
   data integrity and quality, management of uncertainty and inconsistency, 
   information security and privacy, management of spatial and temporal data
o  Software architectures for information systems: object-orientation,
   agent-orientation, extensibility, groupware, software repositories,
   application generators
o  Integration: intelligent integration and interchange of information,
   interoperability and cooperation among heterogeneous information systems,
   information mediation and brokering, standardization
o  AI techniques: knowledge management, knowledge representation and reasoning,
   knowledge discovery, information extraction and filtering, coordination
   technologies and agent architectures
o  Human-computer interaction: advanced user interfaces, human-computer
o  The impact of new technologies: multi-media, mobile computing, 
   very high speed networks, etc.
o  Challenging applications: services and tools to support information
   infrastructure ("information super-highways"), digital libraries, 
   large scientific and geographical databases, health care (medical) 
   information systems, information systems for advanced manufacturing

We solicit contributions of three kinds:

* Full research papers
* Short position papers
* Proposals for panel discussions

All contributions must emphasize their relevance to issues of next generation
information technologies and systems, and must be addressed to an audience of
diverse background and interests.  The category of "research papers" is
intended for technical papers describing research accomplishments.  The
category "position papers" is intended for papers that discuss new challenges
and visionary solutions.  Proposals for panels should include an abstract of
the subject and likely participants.

The workshop will feature paper sessions, panel discussions and talks by
invited speakers.  All accepted papers will appear in a workshop proceedings.
Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal of
Intelligent Information Systems.


Program Committee Chairs

Ami Motro                    	Moshe Tennenholtz
Department of Information and   Faculty of Industrial Engineering
 Software Systems Engineering	 and Management
George Mason University		Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Fairfax, Virginia 20030		Haifa, 32000
USA				ISRAEL    		


Information For Authors

For research papers authors should submit extended abstracts of 2000 words or
less; the full papers that will appear in the proceedings are limited
to 5000 words.  Position papers are limited to 2000 words.  We shall attempt 
to handle the submission and review processes by electronic mail and request
that you submit your contributions by mailing a PostScript version of your
paper to BOTH co-chairs at the above e-mail addresses.  Otherwise, please send
3 copies of your paper to BOTH co-chairs at the above postal addresses.  The
organizers request advance notification of your intention to submit a paper:
please send an e-mail message to both co-chairs giving the names of the 
authors and the title or subject of the submission.


Important dates

        31 October  1994  Intent-to-submit statements due
	31 December 1994  Extended abstracts (for full papers), 
                          position papers, and panel proposals due
	28 February 1995  Notification of acceptance
	15 April    1995  Camera-ready manuscripts due
	27-29 June  1995  The workshop


Location and Travel Funds

The workshop will take place in Naharia, a picturesque resort town
on the Mediterranean sea, 30 kilometers north of Haifa.  Limited
travel funds will be available to assist some of the participants.


General Chairs

Opher Etzion	                   	Arie Segev
Technion - Israel Institute of		University of California at Berkeley
Technology				and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories


Program Committee

Serge Abiteboul, INRIA, France
Ron Ashany, National Science Foundation, USA
Hagit Attiya, Technion, Israel
Dan Berry, Carnegie Melon U., USA and Technion, Israel
Elisa Bertino, U. Milano, Italy
Yitzhak Birk, Technion, Israel
Yuri Breitbart, U. Kentucky, USA
Alex Brodsky, George Mason University, USA
Peter Buneman, U. Pennsylvania, USA
Wesley Chu, U. California, Los Angeles, USA
Alessandro D'Atri, U. L'Aquila, Italy
Dov Dori, Technion, Israel
Ed Durfee, U. Michigan, USA
Oren Etzioni, U. Washington, USA
Christos Faloutsos, U. Maryland, USA
Mark Fox, U. Toronto, Canada
Ophir Frieder, George Mason University, USA
Les Gasser, U. Southern California, USA
Yossi Gil, Technion, Israel
Tomasz Imielinski, Rutgers University, USA
Alfons Kemper, Aachen, Germany
Fred Lochovsky, U. of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Dennis McLeod, U. Southern California, USA
John Mylopoulos, U. Toronto, Canada
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, GTE Laboratories, USA
Jeff Rosenschein, Hebrew University, Israel
Doron Rotem, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, USA
Amit Sheth, Bellcore, USA
Peretz Shoval, Ben Gurion U., Israel
Avi Silberschatz, U. Texas, Austin and AT&T Bell Labs, USA
Ouri Wolfson, U. Illinois, Chicago, USA