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From: (Ashwin Ram)
Subject:  CogSci-94: Sixteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society
Date:     02 Aug 1994 21:27:17 GMT

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Low-cost on-campus housing is still available for CogSci-94, which is
being held August 13-16 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.  Registration and
housing forms are available electronically by anonymous FTP from, on the World Wide Web (WWW) from, and by e-mail from; or contact kathleen Eiselt, (404) 894-8591.

The complete conference schedule and technical program is also available from
these sources, and includes:

  - David Woods, "Observations from Studying Cognitive Systems in Context"

  - Walter Schneider, "Identifying the Modules of the Mind with fMRI:
    Imaging the Biological Stages in Visual and Language Processing";
    Steven Small (discussant)
  - Lila Gleitman, "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words -- But That's the
    Problem"; Paul Smolensky (discussant)
  - Michael Pazzani, "The Role of Existing Knowledge in Generalization";
    Mark Keane (discussant)
  - (panel) "Cognitive Science 2004: The Last 10 Years"; T. Simon, Chair; J.
    Bates, D. Gentner, J. Greeno, G. Harman, M. Pazzani, W. Schneider

  - "Scientific Creativity:  Multidisciplinary Perspectives"
  - "What Animal Cognition Tells Us About Human Cognition"
  - "Learning New Features of Representation"
  - "Cognitive Science Meets Cognitive Engineering"
  - "Visual Reasoning in Discovery, Instruction, and Problem Solving"
  - "The Role of Cases in Learning"
  - "Collaborative Knowledge"

  PAPER/TALK and POSTER SESSIONS on: Categorization; Reasoning; Collaborative
  Problem Solving; Representation in Connectionist Networks; Situated Natural
  Language; Foundations; Analogical Reasoning; Sentence Processing; Problem
  Solving; Brain Modeling; Visual Perception; Mental Models; Learning; Belief
  Modeling; Speech; Analogy; Visual Reasoning; Perception; Language
  Acquisition; Syntactic Processing.

For further information, please contact Kathleen Eiselt,, (404) 894-8591.