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From: (Xiaojun Zheng)
Subject:  CFP: Intelligent Manufacturing'95
Date:     11 Aug 1994 13:36:56 GMT

        *               ICIM'95                   *


               June 10-13,1995 Wuhan, China



National Natural Science Foundation of China
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)
SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering (USA)


         Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering
         Chinese Society of Automation
         Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence
         Tsinghua University (China)
         Shanghai Jiaotong University (China)
         Xi'an Jiaotong University (China)
         Zhejiang University (China)
         Tianjiang University (China)
         Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (China)


         Huazhong University of Science and Technology

                     Conference Instruction

Intelligent manufacturing is an emerging technology and has become one of the
most promising and quickly developed fields of today's science and technology.
In order to promote a greater advance in intelligent manufacturing, we are
planning to sponsor an international conference titled "The International
Conference On Intelligent Manufacturing", that will be held at the
International Academic Exchange Center of Huazhong University of Science a
Technology, Wuhan, China, from June 13,1995. English will be the working
language of the conference. The conference proceedings will be published by
SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering (USA).

The post-conference tour to Yangtze-River Three Gorges will be arranged for
the participants. During this tour, academic exchange and discussion will be

                         Conference Topics

     *General Aspects of Intelligent Manufacturing
     *Coordinate Solution of Multi-Agent System
     *Intelligent CAD Platform
     *Intelligent Tools in Concurrent Engineering
     *Intelligent Scheduling, Planning, Simulating and Optimizing Technology
     *Intelligent Information, Diagnosing, compensating and controlling
     *Design of Intelligent Machines
     *CAD/CAM Integration
     *Neural Networks and Application
     *Management Information Systems
     *FMS and Automated Manufacturing Systems
     *Data Base and Computer Network
     *Other related topics

                      Paper Submission

Submited papers must be written in English and should be typed and
double-spaced on one side only. Four copies of the paper (maximum 5000 words)
including illustrations, should be sent before September 30,1994, to:

   Miss Feng Gao
   CAD Center
   School of Mechanical Science and Technology
   Wuhan, 430074, China

The first part of each paper should include a paper title, a maximum 200 word
abstract, up to 8 key words, author's name(s) and title. complete mailing
address, telephone numbers and statement of commitment that "if the paper is
accepted, the author will present the paper at ICIM'95 conference". A paper
lacking any of above information will not be considered by Program Committee.

                       Important Dates

    Deadline for submission          September 30, 1994
    Notification of acceptance       October 15, 1994
    Deadline for camera-ready paper  December 15, 1994

                     Conference Chairmen

                 General Conference Chairmen:
    Professor Shuzi Yang
    President, Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech., China
    Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Professor Andrew Kusiak
    Chair, Dept. of Industrial Eng., Univ. of Iowa, USA

                 Vice Conference Chairman
    Professor C. Y. Lu
    Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Eng., Unvi. of Illinois
         at Urbana-Champaign,USA

             International Program Committee

    Chairman of the International Program Committee:
    Professor Ji Zhou (China)

       Members of the International Program Committee:

   R. Bell (UK)               Claudio R. Boer (Switzerland)
   T. C. Chang (USA)          Yilong Chen (USA)
   Yao-Dong Cheng (China)     M. S. Fox (Canada)
   T. Fukuta (Japan)          George Chryssolouris (USA)
   Peihua Gu (Canada)         Zhi-Jun Han (China)
   Yue He (China)             Nai Choon Ho (Singapore)
   Y. Ishida (Japan)          Kai-Jin Shi (China)
   Steven H. Kim (Usa)        Jay Lee (USA)
   Yuan-Zhong Lei (China)     Pen-Gen Li (China)
   Bo-Hu Li (China)           Zhi-Hang Lin (China)
   Tien-I Liu (USA)           You-Wu Liu (China)
   C. Y. Lu (USA)             K. J. MacCallum (UK)
   P. O'Grady (USA)           Ze-Min Peng (China)
   D. T. Pham (UK)            Lucas Pun (France)
   Liang-Sheng Qu (China)     Ming Rao (Canada)
   George Rzevski (UK)        Han-Min Shi (China)
   R. Shoureshi (USA)         Nam P. Suh (USA)
   D. L. Shunk (USA)          W. Thompson (Australia)
   Xian-Kui Wang (China)      F. Y. Wang (USA)
   H. J. Warnecke (Germany)   Xi-Sen Wen (China)
   Tony C. Woo (USA)          Cheng Wu (China)
   Ya Wu (China)              You-Lun Xiong (China)
   Yan-Shen Xu (China)        Jun-Qi Yan (China)
   Qing-Hong Zheng (China)    Jian-Zhong Zha (China)
   Bo-Peng Zhang (China)      Jian-Ying Zhu (China)

               Organization Committee
            Professor Meilin Zhu (Chairman)

         Professor Cheng-Gang Li (General Secretary)
         Miss Feng Gao (Secretary)

      (ICIM'95, Wuhan, China. June 10-13,1995)

      (note: Please type or use block letters)




MAILING ADDRESS:_____________________________________

TEL:__________________ FAX:__________________________

ACCOMPANYING PERSON(S):______________________________

Please Tick

() I intend to submit a paper. Title of paper is:

() I intend to participate at the conference.

() I intend to Participate in the exhibition.

() I intend to join the tour to the Three Gorges.

Please return the Form before September 30,1994 to:

   Miss Feng Gao
   CAD Center
   School of Mechanical Science and Technology
   Huazhong University of Science and Technology
   Wuhan, 430074, China

   Tel: ++86-27-7801 881
   Fax: ++86-27-7800 063