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From: (Peter Sestoft)
Subject:  CFP: Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based PM, June 1995
Date:     Fri, 12 Aug 1994 09:53:41 GMT

			   Call for Papers
		       ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on
   Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM '95)
	       La Jolla, California, June 21-23, 1995

The PEPM 1995 symposium brings together researchers working in the
areas of semantics-based program manipulation and partial evaluation.
The symposium focuses broadly on techniques and supporting theory for
the analysis and manipulation of programs to improve performance.
Technical topics include, but are not limited to:

  - Program manipulation techniques: program transformation, program
    specialization, partial evaluation.

  - Program analysis techniques: abstract interpretation, static
    analysis, binding-time analysis.

  - Related issues in language design and models of computation:
    functional, logic programming, object oriented, parallel, distributed.

  - Programs as data objects: meta-programming, incremental computation,
    tools and techniques, prototyping and debugging.

  - Applications: scientific computing, compiler generation, algorithm

Original results that bear on these and related topics are solicited.
Prospective authors should submit papers directly to the program chair
at the address below to arrive not later than November 16, 1994.
Authors concerned about the appropriateness of a topic are encouraged
to consult with the program chair prior to submission.

Papers may be submitted electronically, either in Postscript or as a
self-contained TeX or LaTeX file.  Hard-copy submissions will also be
accepted, which should include 7 copies, double-sided if possible.
Submissions should not exceed 5000 words (about 10 pages), excluding
bibliography and figures.  Final papers may be longer.  Excessively
long submissions may be rejected outright by the program chair.
Submissions should designate a corresponding author and include a
mailing address, phone number, and Internet email address for

Submitted papers will be judged on the basis of significance,
relevance, correctness, and clarity.  They should include a clear
identification of what has been accomplished and why it is
significant.  Submissions must include an abstract and discussion of
related work.  Papers must describe work that has not previously been
published in a major forum.  Authors should indicate if a closely
related paper is also being considered for another conference or

Authors will be notified of acceptance by February 7, 1995.
Full versions of the accepted papers will be formatted according to
ACM conventions, and a camera-ready copy must be received by the
program chair no later than March 24, 1995.  Authors of accepted
papers must sign an ACM copyright release form.  Accepted papers will
be presented at the symposium and will appear in the proceedings
published by ACM.  Information about the conference is available on
the world-wide web at

Program Committee
	Craig Chambers		University of Washington
	Radhia Cousot		CNRS & 'Ecole Polytechnique
	Olivier Danvy		Aarhus University 
	Robert Glueck		Vienna University of Technology
	Benjamin Goldberg	New York University 
	Tim Griffin		AT&T Bell Laboratories
	Paul Hudak		Yale University
	John Launchbury		Oregon Graduate Institute
	Julia Lawall		Brandeis University
	Erik Ruf		Microsoft Research
	William L. Scherlis	Carnegie Mellon University
	David A. Schmidt	Kansas State University
	Harald Sondergaard	University of Melbourne
	Mitchell Wand		Northeastern University

Publicity Chair: 
	Peter Sestoft, Technical University of Denmark,
	Tim Sheard, Oregon Graduate Institute,
	Fritz Henglein, University of Copenhagen,

Program Chair			      General Chair
  William L. Scherlis 			Neil Jones
  Department of Computer Science  	DIKU, Department of Computer Science
  Carnegie Mellon University 		University of Copenhagen
  5000 Forbes Avenue			Universitetsparken 1
  Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA		DK-2100 Copenhagen 0  DENMARK
  Email:		Email:
  Phone: 412-268-8741

The symposium is held in conjunction with the ACM SIGPLAN Conferences
on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI '95) and
Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture (FPCA '95).
Peter Sestoft   *   *   Department of Computer Science
Technical University of Denmark, Building 344      DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
Tel: +45 45 93 33 32 * Direct: +45 45 93 12 22/3749 * Fax: +45 42 88 45 30