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From: (Pierre Wolper)
Subject:  CAV '95 call for papers
Date:     Mon, 12 Sep 1994 16:58:02 +0200



			    Liege, BELGIUM
			July 3 - July 6, 1995

(LaTeX and Postscript(tm) versions of this Call for Papers are
available by anonymous FTP from
( in directory pub/cav95)

This conference is the seventh in a series dedicated to the
advancement of the theory and practice of computer-assisted formal
verification. It is centered around the theme that computer assistance
is essential for a wider use of verification techniques, but
encourages all styles of verification approaches and a variety of
application areas. It covers the spectrum from theory to concrete
applications, with an emphasis on verification tools and the
algorithms and techniques that are needed for their implementation.

The conference will include contributed papers, invited papers,
tutorials, and tool demonstrations.

The boundaries of the conference are not rigid.  In the past,
papers on the following topics have been enthusiastically received.

Application areas:  synchronous and asynchronous circuits, computer
arithmetic, protocols, distributed algorithms, real-time systems,
hybrid systems.

Tools and Methods based on: state-space exploration,
model-checking, automated deduction, and theorem proving. 

Theoretical issues: decidability of verification problems
for a variety of formalisms, computational complexity results,
verification algorithms.

However, any paper that is of potential interest for computer-aided
verification will be considered.


Authors may submit a paper by mailing ELECTRONICALLY a self
contained Postscript(tm) version to the address (strongly encouraged whenever
possible for speeding up the reviewing process) AND by sending five
(5) copies of the submitted paper to the Program Chairman.
UNPRINTABLE ELECTRONIC submissions for which paper copies are not
received will not be considered.  The length is limited to twelve (12)
typed pages (with normal font sizes, line spacing, margins, etc.) Each
submission should provide sufficient detail so that the program
committee can assess the merits of the contribution. Simultaneous
submission to other conferences with proceedings, or submission of
material that has already been published elsewhere is not allowed.
The deadline for submission is January 20, 1995.  Authors will be
notified of acceptance by March 19, 1995.  The accepted papers will be
published in the conference proceedings.

Program Chairman:		Pierre Wolper
                                Universite de Liege
				Institut Montefiore, B28
				Grande Traverse, 10
                                B-4000 Liege

Program Committee:

R. Alur, AT&T Bell Labs, USA
R. Brayton, U. of California, Berkeley, USA
C. Courcoubetis, U. of Crete & ICS-FORTH, Greece
W. Damm, C. v. Ossietzki U., Oldenburg, Germany
R. de Simone, INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France
R. Devillers, Free U. of Brussels, Belgium
E. Allen Emerson, U. of Texas, USA
S. Garland, MIT, USA
O. Grumberg, Technion, Israel
N. Halbwachs, VERIMAG, France
T. Henzinger, Cornell U., USA
R. Koymans, Philips Res. Labs, The Netherlands
G. Leduc, U. of Liege, Belgium
K. McMillan, Cadence Berkeley Labs, USA
J. Parrow, SICS, Sweden
N. Shankar, SRI International, USA 
F. Somenzi, U. of Colorado, Boulder, USA
B. Steffen, U. of Passau, Germany
P. Varaiya, U. of California, Berkeley, USA
M. Vardi, Rice U., USA
T. Yoneda, Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Japan

Steering Committee:

Edmund Clarke, Carnegie Mellon U., USA
Robert Kurshan,  AT&T Bell Labs, USA
Amir Pnueli, Weizmannn Institute, Israel
Joseph Sifakis, VERIMAG, France