The Text Analysis and MAchine LEarning Group
The Ottawa Chapter, ACM SIGART


The Friday Seminar Series
3:30 pm
Room 318, third floor, MacDonald Hall, University of Ottawa

Hosted by
the Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning lab
at the University of Ottawa

Local (and sometimes not-so-local) speakers present their research and experience in Artificial Intelligence. Seminars are open to the public. Ample free parking is available nowhere near the university, but you can buy hourly permits at the horodateur in parking lot 'X' after 4:00pm (valid in any outdoor parking lot on campus). Before 4:00pm you can only park in a pricey, underground, heated, mega-super-turbo lot 2000 (Brooks or Perez). Here are directions to the University of Ottawa.

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Date Speaker Title
May 12
MCD 318, 4:00pm
(special time)
Fernando de Carvalho Gomes
Universidade Federal do Ceará (Brasil)
A Stochastic Algorithm for Learning Decision Lists with limited Complexity
(read the abstract)
May 5
MCD 318, 3:30pm
Jelber Sayyad
SITE, University of Ottawa
Learning the Concept of Relevance Among Files in a Software Maintenance Context
(read the abstract)
April 28
MCD 318, 3:30pm
Chris Drummond
SITE, University of Ottawa
Explicitly Representing Expected Cost: An Alternative to ROC Representation
(read the abstract)
April 14
MCD 318, 3:30pm
Istvan Hernadvolgyi
SITE, University of Ottawa
Using Pattern Databases to Find Macro Operators
(read the abstract)
April 7
MCD 318, 3:30pm
Eibe Frank
University of Waikato
Pruning decision trees and lists with significance tests
(read the abstract)
March 31
CBY A707
4:15pm (Special time)
Caroline Barrière
SITE, University of Ottawa
Extraction and classification of causal relations from semi-technical texts
(read the abstract)
March 24
MCD 318
Ismaïl Biskri
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Hybrid, Semi-Automatic Approaches to NLP
(read the abstract)
March 17
Special room:
CBY A707
Nathalie Japkowicz
Dalhousie University
Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets
(read the abstract)
March 10, MCD 318
2:45pm (Special time)
Vivi Nastase
SITE, University of Ottawa
Attempting to unify semantic representations across syntactic levels
(read the abstract)
February 18
Special room:
CBY A707
Elizabeth Scarlett
SITE, University of Ottawa
An Evaluation of a Rule-Based Parser of English Sentences
(read the abstract)
February 11
Special room:
CBY A707
B. John Oommen
Carleton University
Parameter Learning from Stochastic Teachers and Stochastic Compulsive Liars
(read the abstract)
February 3, 1:30pm
Special date/time
Richard Nock
Université des Antilles-Guyane (France)
Learning logical formulas having limited size: theoretical aspects and algorithms (with related results)
(read the abstract)
February 4 Martin Fontaine
Structural Identification of Unintelligible Documents
(read the abstract)
January 28 Rokia Missaoui
Université du Québec à Montréal
Mining from Data Fragments
(read the abstract)
January 14 Takashi Gomi
Applied AI Systems, Inc.
Non-Cartesian Robotics and Evolutionary Robotics
(read the abstract)

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Talks may also be scheduled through SIGART by contacting Terry Copeck (terry@csi.uottawa.ca)

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