"Enough is enough!"

Guys, I'm giving up! This is just too much information overload
for my tiny brain: do you know how many exchanges we've had in
the last couple of days!? And the latest mailings still contain
things like "I thought this was ..." or "I though you wanted to ...".
Too much email can damage one's view on an issue.

As Ken and I used to say at ACL-95: "Enough is enough!"

What I mean by that is I see the (urgent?) need for a face-to-face
discussion. I know that Ken has become a frequent Ottawa--T.-R.
traveller recently (;-^), how about you Terry?!

The other, more serious, possibility is to wait till IJCAI in
Montreal. In that case Terry, I would recommend that you suspend
all programming activities and concentrate on paper work, in
particular, write down the details and consequences of each of
the few options or scenarios that we seem to have before ourselves.

I don't mean to trash the party dear fellows.