Re: test PP sentences

> > ARe you planning to attend IJCAI in Montreal?
> There was no money to pay for my attendance so I plan on hearing early 
> from others (JF, Ken) how tight security is and, if it isn't excessive, 
> taking a chance on driving down and sneaking in to the main venues.  
> Plan a meeting, I will attend.
*SYL: Terry, maybe I could pay for your registration fees (some $700).
*SYL: You'd have to take care of the other expenses though, or ask
*SYL: Szpak to cover the rest.

> dead ends: what did Boggess have to offer?  I've heard nothing more from her;
> was it a dead end.
*SYL: let's wait another couple of weeks: holidays, maybe.

> FYI: on top of lightning etc. last week on Friday we got a letter from
> National Revenue: please send all the receipts from my wife's clinical
> psychological practice related to her 1994 tax return.  I spent most of 
> the weekend on the letter and tabulation and am now pulling together the 
> hundreds of bills involved.  It is probably two or three more days work.
*SYL: pas de chance. Sorry for you guys. You might be on the verge of
*SYL: winning the 6/49 jackpot!!