Re: test PP sentences

> Terry, I will be away next week, starting July 31st, for a short week.
> If you have questions, now's the time!
No, today's exchange is entirely facilitating--I know what I have to do
in terms of that sentence and can work on a system to do it without input
at the moment, thanks.
> ARe you planning to attend IJCAI in Montreal?
There was no money to pay for my attendance so I plan on hearing early 
from others (JF, Ken) how tight security is and, if it isn't excessive, 
taking a chance on driving down and sneaking in to the main venues.  
Plan a meeting, I will attend.

dead ends: what did Boggess have to offer?  I've heard nothing more from her;
was it a dead end.

FYI: on top of lightning etc. last week on Friday we got a letter from
National Revenue: please send all the receipts from my wife's clinical
psychological practice related to her 1994 tax return.  I spent most of 
the weekend on the letter and tabulation and am now pulling together the 
hundreds of bills involved.  It is probably two or three more days work.

Terry Copeck (terry@csi.uottawa.ca)