nesting, scoping

While we're on the subject of nesting and scoping, I might mention my
attribute/modifier scoper.  As the code stands now, it assembles a
flat list of all attributes and modifiers of a head noun and allows
the user to nest/scope/bracket them any way he wants.

Here's the interaction for 'black soup pot cover'.  You can see the 
nested modifier list at the bottom.  This brings up an interesting 
point: until now, I've considered that modifier list to be completely
internal to NMRA.  But it would be interesting to have it appear like
that in the final */4 structures.  Now that would be something
definitely DIPETT-illegal.

| ?- analyze_entity(entity(...), ES).

Intensifiers: intensifier(nil)
Determinatives: determinatives(predeter(nil),deter(nil),postdeter(nil))

Manual Modifier Scope Editor:
> Please enter the scoping for the current NP using the word
> numbers in order.  The outermost brackets are optional.
>    E.g.:  [ 1 [2 3] ] 4
1   adj(black,pos)
2   n(soup,massnoun)
3   n(pot,countnoun)
4   n(cover,countnoun)

|: 1 [[2 3] 4]

             |                                  |
                                       |                          |
                              |                |
      adj(black,pos)  n(soup,massnoun)  n(pot,countnoun)  n(cover,countnoun) 

Modifiers: [adj(black,pos),[[n(soup,massnoun),n(pot,countnoun)],n(cover,countnoun)]]
     Head: n(cover,countnoun)