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From: (Nel Wognum)
Subject:  CFP: ECAI-94 Workshop: Models and Techniques For Reuse of Designs
Date:     Fri, 4 Feb 1994 19:37:26 GMT

Monday 8 August 1994

The design of objects is a very complex process which is hard to
formalize due to the lack of an all encompassing theory of
design. When observing designers in practice, it has been concluded
that a large part of their activities consists of reusing design
experiences. Such experiences are related to earlier design situations
and existing design products, many of which have been proven useful in
practice.  Several research groups are currently investigating
possibilities for formalizing and codifying this experience for reuse
in new design problems.

Two major research areas can be distinguished. Firstly, existing
designs are adapted to meet new demands. The focus in such situations
is to determine parts that need to be adapted to satisfy new
requirements. These requirements may be related to the function,
physical properties of the design, or life-cycle aspects, such as
serviceability and costs. The second research area focuses on finding
existing designs that can be reused in new design problems.  Difficult
issues here include developing suitable index structures and
similarity measures.  In both research areas, models and techniques
have to be developed for structuring and representing existing designs
so that they can be reused in new situations. Furthermore, design
reuse is a relevant concept for both routine and innovative design.

In the workshop we would like to focus on methods and techniques to
support the reuse of existing design knowledge, especially methods and
techniques that have the potential to be useful in practical design
situations. The workshop is intended for researchers working in the
field of redesign and case-based reasoning in engineering domains.

The questions to be addressed are:
. What is needed to find similar designs?
. What is needed to find analogous designs?
. How can the part of the design that needs to be adapted be
. How can the complexity of the adaptation needed be determined?
. How can the consequences of the changes be determined?
. How must past design knowledge be structured and represented to
  be reusable?
. How can adaptation of designs be supported?

The outcome of the workshop may be an inventory of promising methods
and techniques for supporting case-based reasoning and redesign in
different design situations.

Workshop format:
The workshop will last one day: Monday, August 8, 1994.
To facilitate discussion, the number of attendees at the
workshop will be limited to 30. The discussion will be centered around
challenging statements to be presented by a selected number of
participants.  Each participant must register for both the workshop
and the general conference.

Organizing committee:
Nel Wognum, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands (Chair)
Ian Smith, LIA Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Swiss
Hans Akkermans, UT/ECN, Petten, The Netherlands
Hans Schmekel, Kunliga Tekniska Hogskolan, Stockholm, Sweden
Frank van Harmelen, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bernd Bachmann, DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Mary Lou Maher, Key Centre of Design Quality, University of Sydney,
  Sydney, Australia

Submission details:
We invite researchers to submit a position paper
(maximum 10 pages) to indicate their research activities and possible
results on the topics indicated above. We prefer electronic
submissions to be sent to the e-mail address mentioned below (LaTeX or
plain ASCII) before May 1. The authors will be notified about
acceptance of their paper for inclusion in the workshop notes before
May 31. The papers will be bundled in workshop notes and distributed
at the workshop.

Submission deadline: May 1
Notification of acceptance: May 31
Workshop date: August 8

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