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From:     "Paul A. DeMaine" 
Subject:  KARP-95 Conference
Date:     Thu, 21 Jul 1994 21:44:03 -0500

  			 C a l l   F o r   P a p e r s
   				  K A R P - 95 

  		    Second International Symposium on Knowledge  
       		Acquisition, Representation and Processing (KARP-95)

			 September 27 - September 30, 1995

			Auburn University Conference Center
				Auburn, Alabama

   Sponsored by: Auburn University, Pennsylvania State University, University 
   of Technology (Rzeszow, Poland), Polish National Academy of Sciences
   (Committee for Scientific Research), ORNL (Oak Ridge)-pending, U.S. Bureau
   of Mines (Tuscaloosa)-pending, in pending cooperation with: Association for
   Computing Machinery (ACM), American Chemical Society (ACS), Institute for 
   Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IEEE), and International Society 
   for Computer Applications (ISCA).
				The Symposium
  KARP is an international forum for presentation and discussion of inter-
  disciplinary research on knowledge acquisition, representation, and
  processing, as well as recent advances on discipline independent tools 
  for realizing large-scale applications of knowledge based systems. The 
  purpose of the symposium is to identify challenging problems common to 
  many disciplines that must be solved to realize future knowledge and 
  information systems, and to shape future directions of research by 
  soliciting and reviewing high quality, applied and theoretical research 
  findings. An important part of the symposium is the provision for one-on-
  one interactions provided by an intimate setting, poster sessions and 
  demonstrations of operational systems.

  The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following 
  areas. Papers should be focused on particular aspects of the symposium 
  theme (KARP) and demonstrate how the particular topic(s) of choice 
  relates to the symposium.
  o Application Independent Tools:
    - Neuromorphic & Evolutionary Systems
    - Fuzzy Knowledge Systems & Language Interfaces
    - High-Speed Management Systems
    - Cognitive Maps
    - Rule Based Systems
    - Autonomous Agents
    - Autodeductive & Autolearning Systems
    - Automatic Acquisition & Processing of Data
    - Mathematical Modeling
    - Parallel & Distributed Computing
    - Object-Oriented Databases
    - Multimedia
    - OpenDoc and Object Linking Environment (OLE)
  o Software Engineering:
    - CASE Tools
    - Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
    - Object-Oriented Programming
    - Ada 9X versus C++
    - Program Testing and System Integrity
    - Reverse Engineering
    - Interdisciplinary Education
    - Data Acquisition and Validation
    - Software Libraries
    - Intelligent Sensors
    - User Interfaces
  o Artificial Intelligence:
    - Knowledge Acquisition approaches & Tools
    - Knowledge Representation
    - Integration of Heterogeneous Knowledge Representations
    - Knowledge Bases & Models
    - Uncertainty issues in Knowledge Representation & Processing
    - Search & planning approaches
    - Inference Methodologies
    - Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Applications
  o Applications Areas:
    - Engineering Science Applications
    - Physical Science Applications
    - Computer Chemistry
    - Medicine, Health Care, Life, and Biological Sciences
    - Industrial Applications
    - Business Applications

  			Paper and Poster Submission 
  The Symposium Proceedings will contain extended abstracts (two to 
  three single space pages) of accepted papers and posters. Presentations 
  will be selected on the basis of the extended abstracts. Camera ready 
  complete papers, not to exceed 5,000 words, will be due on the first
  day of the symposium and then judged by the program committee for
  inclusion in a special issue of an appropriate international journal. 
  Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts to the Program Chair 
  at the following address:
 		        Chuck Karr
        		U.S. Bureau of Mines
          		The University of Alabama Campus
      		    	P.O. Box L
	          	AL 35486-9777
        	  	Tel: +1 (205) 759-9432
          		FAX: +1 (205) 759-9440
  Extended abstracts for papers and posters should reach the program 
  chair by December 1, 1994. Authors must send either six (6) copies 
  of each extended abstract, or an email copy, accompanied by a cover 
  letter containing a list of all authors, their affiliations, 
  telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses, and fax numbers. All 
  submissions will be reviewed and judged with respect to quality and 
               			Important Dates
    Paper & Poster Extended Abstract Submission: ... December 1, 1994.
    Notification of acceptance: .................... February 1, 1995.
    Camera Ready Copies of Extended Abstract Due: .. March 15, 1995.
    Camera Ready Copies of full Paper Due: ......... September 27,1995.	

    				More Information
  More information on KARP-95 can be obtained automatically by sending 
  email to, or by contacting one of the General 
  Co-Chairs and Regional Coordinators. 

  Steering Committee
  Z.S. Hippe (Poland, Technical University)
  P.A.D. de Maine (U.S.A., Auburn University) 		- Chair
  John Wu (U.S.A., Auburn University)
  Brian J. Garner (Australia, Deakin University)
  Shin-Ichi Sasaki (Japan, Toyohashi University)
  David H. Jonassen (U.S.A., Pennsylvania State University)
  Cherri Pancake (U.S.A., Oregon State University)
  General Co-Chairs
  Paul A.D. de Maine (Auburn University)
  Z.S. Hippe (University of Technology, Rzeszow)
     E-Mail: zdhippe@plcry11.bitnet
  Program Chair
  Chuck Karr (U.S. Bureau of Mines, Tuscaloosa)

  Poster & Demonstration Chair
  James Cross (Auburn University)
  Administrative Chair
  Ms. Elaine Ridgway (Auburn University)

  Awards Chair
   Z.S. Hippe (University of Technology, Rzeszow, POLAND)
      E-Mail: zdhippe@plcry11.bitnet

  Publicity Co-Chairs
  Bill Dress (Oak Ridge National Laboratories, U.S.A.)
  Peter Lykos (Illinois Institute of Technology, U.S.A.)
  Local Arrangements
  Margaret M. de Maine (Auburn University, U.S.A.)
  Regional Coordinators
  Shin-Ichi Sasaki (Toyohashi University, Japan)
  Kurt Varmuza (Technical University of Vienna, Austria)
  Murray P. Shanahan (Imperial College, England)
  Bryan J. Garner (Deakin University, Australia)

  Program Committee
  Prof. Dave Brown (U.S.A., Computer Science)
  Dr. Kai Chang (U.S.A., Computer Science)		- Vice Chair
  Prof. J.T.(Thomas) Clerc (Switzerland, Comp. Pharmacy)
  Dr. James Cross (U.S.A., Software Engineering)	- Vice Chair
  Prof. Carl Davis (U.S.A., Computer Science)
  Dr. William B. Dress (U.S.A., Theoretical Physics)	- Vice Chair
  Prof. Bryan J. Garner (Australia, Computer Science) 	- Vice Chair
  Prof. Herb Gelernter (U.S.A., Computer Science)
  Prof. Z.S. Hippe (Poland, Computer Chemistry)		- Vice Chair
  Dr. Heinz-Dieter Huemmer (Germany, Electrical Eng.)
  Prof. David H. Jonassen (U.S.A., Education)		- Vice Chair
  Dr. Chuck Karr (U.S.A., Mechanical Engineering) 	- Chair
  Prof. Peter Lykos (U.S.A., Computer Chemistry)
  Prof. Marc Nanard (France, Integrated Systems)	- Vice Chair
  Prof. Kevin C. O'Kane (U.S.A., Computer Medicine)	- Vice Chair
  Prof. Cherri Pancake (U.S.A., Computer Science)	- Vice Chair
  Mr. Bertus Pretorius (Rep. South Africa, Comp. Tech.)
  Prof. E. Pungor (Hungary, Chemometrics)
  Prof. John R. Rose (U.S.A., Computer Science)
  Prof. Shin-Ichi Sasaki (Japan, Computer Chemistry)
  Dr. Murray P. Shanahan (U.K., Computer Science)	- Vice Chair
  Dr. H.C. Smit (Netherlands, Analytical Chemistry)
  Dr. Kurt Varmuza (Austria, Chemistry)			- Vice Chair
  Prof. J. Weglarz (Poland, Computer Science)
  Prof. John Wu (U.S.A., Electrical Engineering)	- Vice Chair
  Dr. Yelena Yesha (U.S.A., Computer Science)
  Dr. Gian Piero Zarri (France, Computer Science)
  Prof. Engelbert Ziegler (Germany, Computer Technology)
  Prof. Jure Zupan (Slovenia, Computer Chemistry)
  Keynote Speakers
  Ivar Ugi (Technische Universitaet, Munchen, Germany) will speak 
	about A mathematical model and computer software for predicting
	unprecedented chemistry.
  Mailen Kootsey (National Biomedical Simulation Resource) will speak 
	about Mathematical modeling and computer software for studying
	complex biomedical processes.
  Paul A.D. de Maine
  Professor of Comp. Sci. & Eng.
  108 Dunstan Hall
  Auburn University
  AL 36849, U.S.A.
  Tel: +1 (205) 844-6306  Fax: +1 (205) 844-6329