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From: (Uffe Kock Wiil)
Subject:  International Workshop on Temporal Databases
Date:     8 Aug 1994 15:29:19 +0200

 +                                                                    +
 +                    PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS                     +
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 +                                                                    +
 +                                                                    +
 +                         Zurich, SWITZERLAND                        +
 +                                                                    +
 +                        September 17-18, 1995                       +
 +                   (immediately following VLDB'95)                  +
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The International Workshop  on Temporal Databases  will bring  together
leading researchers and  developers  in the field of temporal databases
to discuss the state-of-the-art in research, applications and standards
in  the area,  and to  start setting  future research directions.   The
workshop comes at  a  time when recent,  significant advances  in  this
field  are  poised  to  have a major impact  on the commercial database
products of the  near  future, and is intended to serve  as a forum for
disseminating research and experience  in this  rapidly advancing area.
Since  the workshop  will  be held  immediately  following  VLDB'95  in
Zurich,  participants will be  able to  maximize  their  interchange of
experiences and knowledge among  researchers  and practitioners  across
the entire field of database research and development.


The primary  focus of the workshop  is on  new  and  original  research
results   in   the    areas   of   theoretical   foundations,   design,
implementation,  and  applications of  temporal databases, as  well  as
experience  reports from  application  specialists and  the  commercial
community that describe lessons learned in the  development, operation,
and maintenance  of actual temporal  database systems  in practical and
innovative applications.  The goal is to  exchange  research  ideas and
results which will not only contribute to the academic arena,  but will
also benefit the commercial community  in the near future and encourage
a dialog between practitioners and researchers.


Suggested topics include, but are not limited  to, the following as
they relate to temporal databases:

o Temporal Data Models, including    o Distributed Temporal Databases   
  Valid-Time, Transaction-Time,
  and Bitemporal Models              o Query Optimization Techniques

o Semantics of Temporal Data         o Integration with Existing
                                       Commercial Products

o Temporal Query Languages           o Critical Evaluations of        
                                       TSQL2/TSQL3 Proposals
o Spatio-Temporal Data Models 
  and Languages                      o Simulation and Modeling

o Temporally Active Data Models      o Knowledge-Based Systems

o Rule Processing in Temporally      o Decision Support 
  Active Databases             
                                     o Knowledge Discovery           
o Temporal Database Design         
                                     o Novel Applications in Business,
o Real-time Databases                  Scientific, Medical, and Legal
o Concurrency Control and Recovery
                                     o Requirements Analysis for
o Reasoning with Temporal              Temporal Database Applications
                                     o Reports on Experience with    
o Imprecise Temporal Information       Real Applications


The workshop will be organized  in a  manner  designed to  maximize the
opportunity for interaction  and exchange among  the participants.   It
will be a combination of presentations with subsequent discussions, and
panels  on  recent developing and  emerging trends.  This format should
provide a forum  for  collaborations to develop among  members  of  the
international   community   of   temporal  database   researchers   and
practitioners. Attendance will be limited.



Authors  are  invited  to  submit original  research  contributions  or
experience reports in  English.  Papers should  be double-spaced and no
longer  than  8,000 words (roughly  twenty pages). Submissions  will be
``double-blind''  reviewed, i.e.,  anonymously,  and  should  therefore
include  a   separate  title   page  with   each  author's  full  name,
affiliation, complete address where you  can be reached the week of May
22,  1995, telephone number, and if  available, fax number and internet
address.   Submitters  should   indicate   in   a  cover  letter  their
willingness to attend the workshop and present their paper.

Submitted papers  will  be refereed by at  least  three  reviewers  for
quality,  correctness, originality and relevance.  Accepted papers will
be  presented at the Workshop  and published in  the proceedings, which
will be available at the Workshop.

Proposals for panels  that examine emerging, innovative,  or  otherwise
provocative  temporal database  issues are  encouraged  as well.  Panel
proposals should include a 1-2 page summary of the  topic and the names
and affiliations  of 3-4  panelists  who  have  made  a  commitment  to
participate.   A  mix  of  industry   and  academic  panel  members  is

Five copies of a technical paper or panel proposal should  be submitted
by Monday March 20, 1995 to the Program Chair:

          James Clifford, Program Chair 
          International Workshop on Temporal Databases
          Department of Information Systems 
          Leonard N. Stern School of Business 
          New York University 
          44 West 4th Street, Suite 9-74
          New York, NY 10012-1126 

          Tel:    (212) 998-0803
          Fax:    (212) 995-4228  

We encourage submission of papers from both the academic and industrial


Paper and proposal submission:    March 20, 1995  (FIRM DEADLINE)
Notification of invitation:       June 5, 1995
Camera-ready copy due:            July 24, 1995
Workshop:                         September 17-18, 1995


For further information, or in case  of questions,  please contact  the
General Chair:

          Christian S. Jensen

Program Chair:  James Clifford, New York University, USA

Steering Committee: 
    Arie Segev (Chair), UC Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley Lab, USA
    James Clifford, New York University, USA
    Christian S. Jensen, Aalborg University, DENMARK
    Tamer Ozsu, University of Alberta, CANADA
    Barbara Pernici, Politecnico di Milano, ITALY
    Niki Pissinou, University of Southwestern Louisiana, USA
    Richard T. Snodgrass, University of Arizona, USA

Program Committee : 
   Gad Ariav, Tel Aviv University, ISRAEL
   Jan Chomicki, Kansas State University, USA
   Albert Croker, Bernard M. Baruch College, CUNY, USA
   Ramez Elmasri, University of Texas, Arlington, USA
   Opher Etzion, Technion, ISRAEL
   Shashi K. Gadia, Iowa State University, USA
   Fabio Grandi, Universita di Bologna, ITALY
   Matthias Jarke, University of Aachen, GERMANY 
   Wolfgang Kafer, Daimler Benz, GERMANY 
   T. Y. Cliff Leung, IBM Santa Teresa Lab, USA
   David Lomet, DEC Cambridge Research Lab, USA
   Nikos A. Lorentzos, Agricultural Univ. of Athens, GREECE
   Inderpal Singh Mumick, Bell Laboratories, AT&T, USA
   Beng-Chin Ooi, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
   John F. Roddick, University of South Australia, AUSTRALIA
   Colette Rolland, Universite de Paris 1, FRANCE
   Ellen Rose, Massey University, NEW ZEALAND
   N. L. Sarda, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, INDIA
   Edward Sciore, Boston College, USA
   Abdullah Uz Tansel, Bernard M. Baruch College, CUNY, USA
   Babis Theodoulidis, University of Manchester, ENGLAND
   Vassilis J. Tsotras, Polytechnic University, USA
   Alexander Tuzhilin, New York University, USA

Finance Chair:
   Marianne Baudinet, University of Brussels, BELGIUM

Registration Chair:
   Andreas Steiner, ETH-Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Publicity Chair:
   Uffe K. Wiil, Aalborg University, DENMARK

Local Arrangements Chair:
   Robert Marti, ETH-Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Publications Chair: 
   Alexander Tuzhilin, New York University, USA

A Postscript version of this call for papers may be obtained via
anonymous ftp from where it is located in the
directory pub/conferences/TempDB95.