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Logical Fisheye Views

On logical fisheye views, the distance is not calculated wrt. coordinates but with respect to the structure of the graph. Distorting and filtering views are possible. The typical distance is the length of the shortest path from the focus node [Fu86]. For compound subgraphs, a combined method must be used taking into account the primitive edges and the nesting structure [No93]. The reason: a node should not be larger (or filtered later) than the frame it belongs to. Logical fisheye views have two advantages:

As disadvantage, logical fisheye views don't have similarities with optical physics. Human beings are not used to deal with such effects. For instance, moving the focus point of a logical fisheye view might change the graph so much that the layout afterwards cannot be compared with the layout before.

Georg Sander
Thu Aug 1 15:27:34 PDT 1996