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3-D approaches

We described fisheye views as two dimensional transformation. However, the fisheye picture of a graph especially with graphical polar view looks like a projection of the 2 D drawing space into 3 D (e.g., a sphere). The focus point seems to be near to the viewer of the picture, thus it is enlarged. There are true three dimensional approaches [CCFS96, MRC91]: Instead of a distortion function, a mapping into 3 D (e.g., onto a surface) is provided with a viewpoint of a synthetic camera. The use of an underlying grid and shading technics improves the 3 D effect. On the other hand, the exploration of the graph might be slightly more complex since the user has to navigate through 3 D and control the surface at the same time.


Georg Sander
Thu Aug 1 15:27:34 PDT 1996